Unboxing and Product Review of Traditional Indian Sweets From Misht

Unboxing exciting range of Indian Traditional Mithai by MISHT, individually packed bite sized  mithai are currently available in Delhi NCR. Its long shelf life of 45 – 60 days without any preservatives makes Misht a very unique product. It is crafted with handpicked all natural ingredients, packaged using cutting edge technology. Available in beautiful gift-able boxes of 8 and 2 pieces.
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Misht brings the love back and adds COOL to culture!
Traditional Indian Sweets have always been part of every Indian life. Misht as a brand believes that “sweet” is the only taste God has given us. Rest we acquire. Isn’t that the reason babies are not given salt for first 6 months? Isn’t that the reason, Prasadam received from temples is always sweet? Isn’t that the reason all auspicious occasions must have sweet in them?
  • No need to finish 1 kg box of sweets in 3-4 days
  • Convenience in buying, no need to go to Halwai shop, it is available in the store near you
  • Convenience in storage, no refrigeration required. Store with other snacks for easy access
  • Convenience of trials. Small boxes of 2 pieces
  • Great to gift as the boxes are designed to gift.
  • Hygienic packaging using German machinery
Misht currently has four wonderfully crafted range of sweets, Price range starts from 49/- for 2 pieces of sweets upto 279/- for 250 grams.

DODHA BARFI: Fudgy and nutty this Indian delight. Ingredients : Milk, Wheat flour, Sugar, Glucose, Coconut, Cashew, Desi ghee , almonds, Pistachios and Cardamom powder.

MILK CAKE: Reminiscent of traditional festive flavours of Punjab, this sweet is made from milk sugar, almonds and pistachio sprinkled with aromatic cardamom powder. Ingredients : Milk, Sugar, Glucose, Pistachios, Cardamom powder and Tartric acid

KAJU KATLI: The most sought after Indian sweet made from the finest cashews. Ingredients : Cashew, Sugar, and silver wark

BESAN BARFI: Appetizing and flavorsome this gram flour barfi is enriched with the goodness of ghee and dry fruits. Ingredients : Milk, Sugar, Glucose, Pistachios, Cardamom powder and Tartric acid

Designer packaging makes it a superb gifting option. Every box small and large contains a sweet message note which will surely put a smile on your face. 

Misht is bringing back our lost traditions of gifting traditional sweets to our dear ones. We no longer have to worry of  gifting traditional indian sweets and its shelflife, freshest sweets inside every box. Best part no preservatives or artificial flavors used. Does not require refrigeration too...

For more info visit: http://mishtfood.com

Over all thoughts about the product it was something I never expected. Forgetting chocolates as gifting option seems to be a great idea. Keeping our traditions alive gifting, eating, sharing and enjoying desserts which is known to us from our childhood is in our culture. 

I liked the fact we dont even need refrigeration and the german packaging ensures amazing quality for 45 to 60 days. This is a must try product kids and elders will surely enjoy this range. I only wish they had supply worldwide. This was one of a kind product review I have done in a while. 😊


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