Chilly Chicken Restaurant Style

Recreated Nagarjuna style chilly chicken recipe. Nagarjuna is an iconic biryani joint in Bangalore.
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500 Grams Chicken
I used boneless chicken thigh thats all I had stored in the freezer. please use with bones its tasty...:) 
1/2 Cup Green Chilly Sauce (you can add more)
4Tbsp Soy Sauce
2 to 3 Eggs
1 Pinch Ajinomoto/MSG
200 Grams Chilies slit and de-seeded 
3 Tbsp Clarified Butter
2 Tbsp Oil
Salt as per taste.

Lets Prepare:
  • In a bowl add the chicken tip in the soy and chilly sauce add the egg mix well and allow to marinate in room temp for 30minutes if your in a hurry you can allow to marinate for 15 minute.
  • Heat a wok on medium flame add  the butter add the slit green chillies to the hot butter and fry for a minute drain and reserve to the let over butter add oil tip in the  marinated chicken fry a bit cover and allow to cook on a low flame keep stirring once in 2 minutes.
  • once its half way done check for salt and add salt and slit green chillies fry uncovered if you like to serve with little bit of sauce it will take 15 minutes of cooking time but i like it a bit dry for rice it takes 20 minutes for me add the msg/ajinomoto stir well and serve hot excellent side dish for south indian meals or best served with biryani we love it. try it your self....Enjoy...:)
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This dish is best served with mutton or chicken biryani best side dish for fried rice and chapati...Thank you so much for visiting my blog try this recipe and share with friends and family. Please do not copy any content and pics from this blog if any material needed contact me via God bless have a nice day...:)


  1. delicious and for sure making me hungry now.

  2. Thank you Nava...sure do try the recipe you'll like it for sure....:)

  3. hi akka
    nice and spicy chicken. i love this recipe.last sunday i prepared cornflakes fish fillets.
    it came out very husbands birthday party ,after marriage this is the 1st birthday he enjoyed a lot and everybody.thanks.
    every thing credits goes to you only

  4. Hi Sivaranjani...Belated birthday wishes...Thanks a lot...:)

    Hi Vidya. You got me with "Ajinomoto". That's a new one for me. The recipe looks like it will taste great, so I will try to find that ingredient. And hey, if your dad cooked it this way and you like to share it, then I am sure it will be well worth preparing!

  6. You can leave out the ajinomoto if you cant find it...thanks for visiting my blog...:)

  7. Hi vidya, this recipe sounds very simple n delicious sure am going to try this tomor...have been lookin for nv recipes for quite sometime....n ur blog is jus superb.after watching ur beeda making video don remember to how many I taught it..its a super hit now...keep going:-))


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