VIDYARTHI BHAVAN located in Gandhi Bazaar Main Rd., Gandhi Bazar Road, Basavanagudi Bengaluru, Karnataka is famous for crispy masala dosa and coffee the hotel is located in very busy street of gandhi bazaar at first we were unable to locate the hotel the street flower vendors had blocked the entire path we could not even see the name board but i did not regret a bit the flowers were so inviting it was was like the hotel had a grand entrance love it...:)

The hotel is there since 1943 for past 4 generations nothing much has changed its always filled with crowd you will have to find a seat and take it...

There are numerous celebrities, politicians and great poets who have constantly visited vidyarthi bhavan just to savor masala dosa and coffee its very well recognized and must visit @ Bangalore dont miss it...
I had no plans or clue that my dad will all of a sudden take me to this place really surprised when he took me there i loved it and enjoyed every bit of suspense and to my luck i carried my cam and captured every bit...the place was packed when we were there but every one were so friendly the mixed crowd of young and old were so nice...♥

The ambiance is very cool with pencil sketches of all the politician and  celebrities on the wall who have visited till ever its bit cramped but we will have to let go of certain comforts to savor the best...:)

Rates are reasonable and the place is clean and well maintained... 
Dad ordered for masala dosa, kesari bath and coffee we loved every bit...♥♥♥ 

Do visit vidyarthi bhavan if your in the area...No one has given sponsorship for me to do a review on VIDYARTHI BHAVAN its on my own interest and will...thank you for visiting my post...:)


  1. Sis, this will also be great as a guest post on my blog. If interested, forward the article and the pics to my email. thanks.

  2. Hi Nava, sure i will forward all the pics for guest post thank you...:)

  3. thanks sis, will let you know when its up on my blog and if you want to share your recipes, give me your best two, again with pics and will link to your blog.

  4. Can you believe I travel from Sarjapur to Gandhi Bazar just to have chow chow bath, sagu dosa and coffee for breakfast? I have done it every time I visit Bangalore, personal or business.
    Ravi from Philadelphia



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