Mocha Frappe

My first job was at a mid sized company most of my colleagues were new too...we had a tradition in office every weekends all of us should meet up in one place and go out for a coffee break this was such a fun activity back then...I got to know every one and off course lot of gossip...:D my boss was such a sweety only in the office he used to be strict and maintain his distance but other wise all of us were about same age and best friends till part about this gathering everyone of us got to taste different varieties of  coffee...and my favorite pick was mocha frappe...:)
1 Cup Milk
2-3 Tbsp Chocolate Sauce
1 1/2 Cup Heavy Whipping Cream
For Garnish Heavy whipping cream whipped in stiff peaks and some chocolate rice.

  • In a bowl mix the coffee, milk, whipping cream and chocolate sauce.
  • Stir well cover and place in the freezer till it forms crystals.
  • Once the crystals are formed add the coffee to blender and blend till well combined and froth has formed.
  • Pour the coffee into tall tumbler garnish with heavy cream and chocolate rice serve with love...Happy Cooking...:)
Yummy mocha frappe Recipe demo in english ...Enjoy...:)


  1. Omg, super tempting and irresistible drink..just drooling here..

  2. I am a big fan of drinks,Vidya,and nothing beats the good old Cold Coffee in its different avatars like this one!:-)

  3. First time,i saw ur video..Awesome,ur voice is so sweet...Luv anything with coffee..yum.

  4. This blog is helpful for was really useful.

  5. Wow!! I really want to try this Vidya. But I have zero idea where I'll get whipped cream in Bangalore. :/ Do let me know.




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