Usha 3212 12 Liter Halogen Oven (Product Review)

This is not a sponsored review the product is purchased by me and review is done on request.

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  1. I purchased Usha Halogen Oven 3212 three months back. When I asked for the utensils that I could use for baking, the seller at the store told me that i could use only aluminium or steel moulds to bake a cake. Even the person who came for demonstration also told me the same thing. But I found from internet that it was safe to use sillicone moulds for baking in a halogen oven. I just experimented with a sillicone cake mould & the cake was successfully baked. This I think is an added advantage of halogen oven.

  2. My cake burns & from inside it remains katcha. Can u pl. suggest where should I keep the baking tray , on rack or otherwise .Also can u suggest proximate time, temp for baking cake. Thanx . It will solve my problem

  3. A oven you must buy but a very funny one to look at as it looks like a bulb.

  4. which mode should be used for air fry?

  5. Hi use 140degree temperature for 35-40mins for perfect baking of cake In this



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