Mosambi Juice

Who can say no to such a refreshing drink... 
Video recipe...:)

Mosambi/Sweet Lime 4
Pomegranate Seeds 1 Cup
Lime Juice 1 Tsp
Ginger 1/2 Inch piece
Cumin Seeds 1/2 Tsp
Salt 1/4 Tsp
Glucose Powder 2 Tbsp
Sugar, Honey or Diet Sugar as per taste  

Mosambi Juice:

  1. Chop the sweet lime into half then quarters peel the skin and remove seeds.
  2. In a mixerjar add the 2 whole peeled fruit 1 tbsp glucose powder 3 tbsp sugar a pinch of salt and water grind.
  3. Once ground pass the fruit pulp through a sieve strain the fruit juice.
  4. Dilute the juice with extra ice cold water as per taste serve chilled.

Pomegranate Mosambi Juice:

  • Following the steps as mosambi juice i've added pomegranate ginger and cumin ground the fruits strained the juice and served it chilled...Enjoy...:)  


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