Mosambi Juice

Who can say no to such a refreshing drink... 
Video recipe...:)

Mosambi/Sweet Lime 4
Pomegranate Seeds 1 Cup
Lime Juice 1 Tsp
Ginger 1/2 Inch piece
Cumin Seeds 1/2 Tsp
Salt 1/4 Tsp
Glucose Powder 2 Tbsp
Sugar, Honey or Diet Sugar as per taste  

Mosambi Juice:

  1. Chop the sweet lime into half then quarters peel the skin and remove seeds.
  2. In a mixerjar add the 2 whole peeled fruit 1 tbsp glucose powder 3 tbsp sugar a pinch of salt and water grind.
  3. Once ground pass the fruit pulp through a sieve strain the fruit juice.
  4. Dilute the juice with extra ice cold water as per taste serve chilled.

Pomegranate Mosambi Juice:

  • Following the steps as mosambi juice i've added pomegranate ginger and cumin ground the fruits strained the juice and served it chilled...Enjoy...:)  


  1. Very attractive and refreshing juice..I miss mosambi here.

  2. Love your blog! Going to try this soon!

  3. So nice recipe, it looks like very delicious recipe.
    Thank You for sharing us.



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