Paper Boat Review Life is still beautiful

Paper boat drinks are from Hector Beverages PVT.LTD. There are very few authentic, original recipe drinks from India or Indian drinks that are manufactured on a large scale. Creating unique and wonderful drinks that suit as per Indian taste itself is a huge goal. Each paper boat pack costs 30 rupees it comes in 250ml sipper bubble packages. 

Originality of some drinks are so precise, every sip from these pouches transports you to childhood days.    

Paper boat comes in seven flavors aamras, aampanna, kalajamun, jaljeera, golgappe ka pani, kokum and Imli ka amlana...

Paper boat kokum: kokum juice,sugar,salt, cumin, black pepper, ginger powder and chilly powder contains no artificial flavors no preservatives or colors kokum is grown widely in and around south india its good properties helps heart patients skin allergies and stomach ailments this wonder drink has all the goodies in it best for summer.

Paper boat aam panna: Mango pulp, water, sugar, lemon juice, amchur powder, cumin powder, black pepper powder, Black salt and iodized salt we get to savor this yumminess once a year now its available 365 days I'm thrilled.

Paper boat golgappe ka pani: Tamarind juice, sugar, water, lemon juice,common salt, black salt,cumin, ginger, red chilly powder, black perpper,nutmeg, coriander powder, ajowan and aamchur powder.golgappa pani is very good for digestion and people suffering from gastric ailments tastes absolutely yummy i did eat it with golgappas...:)

Paper boat jamun kala khatta: Jamun Pulp, water, sugar, lemon juice,apple juice black salt, black pepper, cumin contains all natural flavors. jamun fruit has excellent properties this wonder fruit is consumed by many diabetic people around the globe it helps to build our immune system I can drink this every day...

Paper boat Jaljeera: Lemon juice, cumin, black salt, common salt, black pepper powder and ginger powder. this concoction is normally prepared during navaratri or any festive occasion this recipe has all the ingredients which helps in digestion. 

Paper boat Imli ka amalana: Tamarind concentrate, water, sugar, salt, black pepper, ajowan, fennel, cumin, cinnamon and ginger powder tastes best when served chilled this tamarind juice my granny used to prepare she used to tell it helps people suffering from pitham/Bile...

Paper boat aamras: Water, Sugar and mango pulp tastes exactly how it should no artificial colors or preservatives nope none of that junk every sip will surely remind you of summer holidays...

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