3Monkeys Brew Pub Review

I'm after craft/artisan foods being a food blogger I enjoy visiting such places. microbrewery started in 70s UK still boasts of having limited edition beers in their country as a bangalorean i never get to savor limited edition beers this was a treat to be in the moment setting up a brewery on 4th floor of a mall is a challenge hey we Indians are all out and can challenge all odds. 

3 monkeys is a place to visit if your a beer lover like me. traditional artisan beers are slowly making their way to Bangalore at 3 monkeys i got to savor top 3 best beer shots its always good to sample few before ordering your pint. the place is well maintained for a brewery cleanliness is very important its always a challenge to maintain the place clean when food service follows. i will give 10/10 for cleanliness.

Pale lager

The decor lighting seating etc is well designed hip and modern social events, family together and date night out can be planned a head of time give a call to reserve your table a head of time ask them suggestions for food and drinks they will be happy to guide you always pair you food and drinks this way its enjoyable and moments can be treasured for you to visit again.

 Wheat Beer

The DJs rock the floor with desi/hiphop numbers youngster rocked the floor its best to workout a bit before sitting down for an amazing spread what do you reckon? my mind was set on beer i was walking around the bar fascinated with the machinery/equipment after walking few rounds around Asia's largest bar counter I felt dizzy and hungry jokes apart its time for food and beer... 

Red Ale

Finally after dancing and all my research work we sat down i was hungry and thirsty i ordered the wheat beer truly a thirst quencher Aaaaaaaaah after a nice gulp we were given menu cards we started ordering for food...

Some how beer pairs well with Indian food every foodie will agree with me on this terms the thought process behind the menu was excellent as i am tired of eating gourmet stuff all the time 3 monkeys never let us down or dampen our spirits they serve good soul food we were in a group for starters we ordered beer battered onion rings chicken fingers chilly paneer and chicken tikka everything devoured in minutes with few shots of beer.

 Peas Pakora
 Chicken Tikka
 Beer Batter Onion Rings
Paneer Chilly 
 My Plate

For the main course we ordered Biryani, rogan gosht , murgh salana and naan I paired my meal with pale lager it was truly amazing. who needs dessert when your in a brewery I ordered for RED ALE now this is dessert it has sweetness from the caramel fruity notes this beer was awesome it can also be paired with chicken/tandoori recipes or for spicy recipes.

Plan your night out I recommend 3 monkeys desi food music artisan beers in hip settings truly enjoyable moments...:)

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Pic courtesy Vamshi Krishna
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Vidus Score Card:
Food and Drinks 9/10
Ambiance 9/10
Service 8/10