I was invited for KRSMA wine tasting and launch at Shiro UB City Bangalore.  after years I've met two wonderful people who have followed their dreams Mr.Krishna and Mrs.Uma they are from a pharmaceutical background who had a passion for wines. my dad always used to advice me if you have your mind set on something to achieve that goal you'll need to run a marathon they followed that step ran marathons across continents and for this feat they now hold Guinness books of world records.

During their travels across the globe wine tasting and vineyard tours over the year built their desire to make world class wines of their own Mr and Mrs Prasad were on a mission to find the right terrain to grow their wine on. their search ended when they reached Hampi they found a tiny vineyard on a rocky terrain which is 70kms from the world heritage site. it was no looking back from here on the vijayanagar empire had to offer much more for a luxury wine that is distinctly Indian.

KRSMA wines are limited edition wines made from only best grapes from harvest. the wine is aged in fine grain oak barrels the bottles are imported from france natural crocks from USA  limited numbers of bottles are produced ensuring only best wines comes out of the winery. KRSMA Wines have won numerous awards over the years.

The Chardonnay 2013, Cabernet Sauvignon of 2012 and the Sauvignon Blanc of 2013 has won double gold and silver medals at china wine and spirit awards 2013

The Sauvignon Blanc of 2012 Has won a bronze medal at new zealand International wine show 2012.

The Chardonnay was commented at international wine challenge 2014.

Uncork the bottle to savor the luxury wine which has a unique Indian tale  as it passes from creator to connoisseur.

Food Served at Shiro
 Tuna, Spicy prawns, and California rolls sushi...
 Prawn and pork prawn and chicken Dumplings...
 Avocado sushi  was my favorite...
Mushroom and water Chestnut Dumplings...

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