First Agro Farms Your Right to Healthy Food

Zero Pesticide First Agro Farms is located at talakadu cauvery valley First Agro, which was set up in 2011, grows more than 40 varieties of Indian vegetables, herbs, chilies, lettuce, heirloom tomatoes in a mixture of field and greenhouse cultivation's.
On visiting first agro farms we met Mr.Naveen Director and founder of first agro we were looking forward to meet him in person and understand all about first agro. First agro is India's first commercial grower organization with zero pesticide produce complying to Whos codex setting highest food safety standards globally.
Udupi white,Birds eye, Habenaro, bishops crown Chilly, Red and purple capsicum, Tasmanian black chilly..

Naveen, Nameet and Prasad these brothers from diverse fields are on a mission to provide safer produce to reach common people and chefs 90% of our ground water, lakes, rivers and ponds are polluted due to excessive usage of pesticides what is the solution? dont we want a safer environmental friendly product to reach our table? all of us have the same thoughts if its getting polluted now where does our future generation stand? In this Highly Political Arena where politics rules or controls our system these Entrepreneurs thought out of the box their moto was to give back something to our community this is a large step to better future India as a country has developed over the years now its our call to make the right choices in life. 
Habenero chilly, heirloom tomato,Udupi white chilly and bitter gaurd..

Be the change you wish to see. quoted by Mahatma following these words of wisdom First agro company has set a high bar for pesticide-free commercial farming in India. First, it has adopted the Codex Maximum Residue Limits (MRLs) for Pesticides and Extraneous Maximum Residue Limits of the World Health Organization (WHO) for its farm production. MRLs for pesticides have been established by Codex to ensure that consumers are not exposed to unsafe levels of hazardous and toxic materials.
Tushita sweet cheery, San marzano, Wine tomatoes...

Every batch of First Agro produce is tested and certified by reputed Food Safety Test laboratories to ensure on-going compliance with Codex standards.
How do they control pests without harmful chemicals? 
A combination of traditional farming combined with contemporary technology are able generate best produce. In traditional farming farmers used neem garlic and other herbs to control pests at First agro farms they follow similar pattern to control pests shade nets or also known as green house bees and lady bugs are helping them in this process.

What is codex?
Codex is international recognized standard/codes of practice guidelines and recommendations are important relating to foods, food production and food safety. to understand better about codex visit the link “Based on science - built on trust” on youtube click here for more info

Where can we buy First agro produce?
  1. Hypercity at Whitefield and Bannerghata Road
  2. Total Hypermarket at Sarjapur, Mahadevpura, Domlur and Madiwala
  3. Auchan Koramangala, AUCHAN Mantri Square Malleshwaram and AUCHAN Bannerghatta Road    
  4. More Megastores at GG Mall (Old Madras Road), Mahadevpura, Madiwala and Bull Temple Road
  5. Food Hall @1 MG Road
  6. Online at
  7. Online at     
  8. Online at
We can hope and wish proper codex standards are followed by all farmers in our country this way they don't have to purchase huge amounts of  non GMO seeds and Pesticides taking a bank loan which is resulting to many issues environmental hazards after spraying large number of pesticides then it results to crop failure poor farmer ends up in debts resulting  to suicides lives disrupted.


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