Bengaluru International Wine Festival 2014

The Karnataka Wine Board hosted a wine festival this is an integrated wine event that seeks to promote the business of wines produced in Karnataka. Karnataka is a favourable destination for wine-making with its large availability of land and climate conditions that are well suited for viticulture. Investor-friendly government policies are another attraction in the market, which has seen a constant demand in both local as well as international markets. All these factors contribute to making Karnataka the ideal destination for new wineries to be set up.

The Bengaluru International Wine Festival 2014 was an event where serious wine connoisseurs as well as casual wine drinkers could meet under one roof to discover everything there is to know about wine and have a gala time. Tasters got a chance to sample wide varieties of wine from different wineries. The festival gives guests a chance to enjoy a wide variety of wines, meet industry experts and fellow wine enthusiasts and experience a wine festival of international standards, right in Bengaluru. 

The Bengaluru International Wine Festival 2014 consisted of:
Wine Recognition Awards: Wine-tasting held with an international sommelier in attendance, who awarded the best wine and food pairing from the category of participants. The wine was rated on the parameters of appearance, aroma, taste and after taste.

Wine King of Queen: A random call out by the MC will allow participants to gather and take part in the Wine King and Queen contest. It was based on the individual's knowledge about wine, following which the judges who choose the winner.

Impromptu Wine Games: On-the-spot games that aim at keeping the crowd engaged were conducted. That included games like opening a bottle of wine with just one hand, opening a bottle of wine without a corkscrew, guessing the brand of wine by tasting it and similar activities.

Grape Stomping: is an event that has established itself as a crowd-puller at wine festivals across the globe. People in attendance can enjoy the rare experience of wine-making in a festival atmosphere.

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