The Fisherman's Wharf a Fusion Seafood Bistro @Lavelle Road Bengaluru

The Fisherman's Wharf is a Multi Cuisine Bistro. They specialize in Goan cuisine , all dishes are cooked to perfection and tastes authentic out of a goan kitchen, and yes of course when the chefs and staff are from Goa recipes can never go wrong. The Fisherman's Wharf, Located at Lavelle Road opposite to Harley Davidson Showroom Bengaluru.

The Ambience

The nautical themed d├ęcor is not over done, which I personally liked a lot, neutral colour tone comprises every fixtures pops of blue, wall murals,  large conch sea shells, tiny sea horses and star fishes on mural walls were perfectly placed and was appealing to eyes. Every wall or corner was perfectly decorated with  indoor water fountain, burlap cushioned compy chairs, soft shade lights gives beach kinda feel. The Space is well maintained and centrally air conditioned.

Video Review of Fisherman's Wharf...

Meet Head Chef Pradeep

Chef Pradeep was a bit intrigued, when lot of cameras were flashing on him all bloggers wanted to know where is he from? does he like bangalore and so on. quite shy and patient he answered all of our questions one at a time. we loved his goan fish curry with rice and dry fish kismur. I interviewed him bit about Fisherman's Wharf and his experience.  

The Fisherman’s Wharf was established in 2005. The brainchild was Mr. Xavier Furtado, a business professional from Goa. His ideology was to capture the tastes of the community, with the best authentic local cuisine in Goa, and is proud to serve people from all walks of life at Fisherman’s Wharf .

The original seafood multi-cuisine restaurant located on the bank of River Sal in the South of Goa, is the ultimate dining place. The restaurant has captured the tastes of the community, with the best authentic local cuisine in South Goa.

Chef Pradeep Loves every-bit of Bengaluru and wishes to serve his fusion and authentic recipes from Goa.

The Fisherman's Wharf is also located at Goa, Sarjapura Bengaluru and Dubai

The Fisherman's Wharf @Sarjapur Bengaluru.

The Fisherman’s Wharf with a touch of Goa in Bangalore, which brings the simple pleasures of fresh seafood and more to landlocked Bangaloreans. The restaurant is nestled among swaying palms, bamboo and hibiscus flowers for a feel of Sussegado Goa. This restaurant strives to recreate the laid-back atmosphere of the original, with live music, and lots of airy space ideal for open air dining. There is also a kiddies zone and sand pit for the kids to get a touch of the beach.

The Fisherman's Wharf @South Goa

The restaurant feature both indoor and outdoor dining, as well as live musical entertainment every evening. Guests can enjoy a comfortable open deck seating next to River Sal. We combine a great atmosphere and delicious food with wonderful Goan hospitality and customer service to offer one of the best dining experiences around.

The Fisherman's Wharf @Dubai Marina

Situated right on the Dubai Marina, is the Fisherman’s Wharf serving a fusion sea food cuisine. Pick from the fresh catch of the day and watch our Chefs create a mouth watering dish just for you. Air-conditioned comfort and open deck seating gives one an amazing sight of the Marina. To complete the Dubai experience, shisha or hubble-bubble is also available on the open deck.

Margarita Lounge Bar on the second level is sister concern of The Fisherman's Wharf, which truly whips up awesome cocktails and mocktails. natural sky light and vibrant pops of colours are tied in with Mexican sombrero, this space is truly bright and refreshing, I will write more all about Margarita lounge bar on my next blog review.

All the drinks i.e Cocktails and Mocktails served to us in Fisherman's Wharf were from Margarita Lounge Bar.

The Fisherman's Wharf serves Buffet and a-la-carte. Once the staff allocates a table for you/family they make sure to ask if anybody is allergic to any sea food or product this is a good practice every restaurant should follow this rule of thumb it makes a dinning experience safer. The Buffet is amazing compared to other hotels they serve a mix of salads, sushi, north Indian veg/curries and paneer tikkas, sea food, and nonveg curries for steam cooked rice, hot soups which is wonderful. The desserts are top class from jamuns to tiramisu all freshly made. The lunch Buffet is from Monday to Saturday and Costs 350+ Taxes.

Few clicks from the buffet will post more on Zomato do follow me on zomato...

Here are my clicks and what chef pradeep had in-store for us...
Black Current, Star anise and orange fizz was one awesome refreshing drink to start with...

For starter we had the sea food platter ( Batter Fried Squids , Rawa fried Prawns , Stuffed Crabs ).

Rawa coated prawns was perfectly spiced and had a good crunch, it was not rubbery or dry, it was cooked to perfection. 

Stuffed Crabs was so filling. crab meat was shredded and spiced to perfection, filled back in crab shell topped with cheese and baked. It was truly tasty and melting cheese was yum.

Batter fried squid tasted absolutely yum with wasabi mayo. squid rings were dipped in tempura batter and fried to perfection. Awesome starter which was also available on buffet. we totally enjoyed it.

Sea Devil (Bacon Wrapped Prawns) with sprouted salad served with thousand island sauce and Balsamic vinaigrette.

The prawns were marinated in hot chilly and BBQ sauce wrapped with bacon strips and grilled the smoky flavours from the bacon was awesome crispy bacon spicy and juicy prawns had the perfect crunch tasted absolutely wonderful.

Maki Sushi..

Veggie Sushi..

We ordered for the sushi from the buffet. The sushi were freshly made and tasted absolutely yum with wasabi and pickled ginger...

Some Orange mojito to cleanse the palate...

Chorizo Pao with Goan Salad..

Spicy pork sausage and breads which is prepared in goa and shipped to Bangalore is something really awesome, no one can beat the authenticity and flavours. The spicy sausage is slow cooked with some pork fat and spicy red goan paste. served with soft buttered pao buns...excellent combo...

Seafood Platter ( Pomfret Rechado , Snapper Fillet Cafreal , Butter Garlic Tiger Prawns )

We shared this platter I liked the spicy pomfret some how I was not a huge fan of snapper, totally loved the butter garlic prawns with steam cooked rice.

Prawn Balchao was perfect with pao buns and steam cooked rice...

to wash down all the spicy food I ordered some watermelon martini...

Mushroom Tonak  sadly i did not touch this dish as I was already stuffed with nonveg options...

Chicken Cafreal

Butter grilled chicken was coated with a coriander spiced masala, the chicken was juicy not dry and the masala gave it a extra punch. tasted yum with rice and goan baked buttered bread..
I topped my chicken cafreal with some of these caramel coated pungent garlic the crunch bits ummm tasted heavenly...

Goan Prawn Curry with Goan Rice

This prawn curry was authentic no comments this is exactly how a goan prawn curry should taste like dried prawn kismur with rice, is authentic goan delicacy. we enjoyed every bit. 

All the food tasting i was doing my taste buds were up for a toss so i ordered for some Watermelon Mojito it was quite refreshing and cleansed my palate...

Pork Assad

Spicy braised pork belly served with pumpkin had typical south indian flavour, was tender tasted yum with pao buns and steam cooked rice..

Beans Foogath

This is authentic south indian side dish, which my grandma used to make for roti the taste and flavours were perfect this is exactly how a bean foogath should taste like...

Bebinca with Ice Cream and Chocolate Cigar

Bebinca is a goan cake which is made out of  eggs, vanilla, maida, coconut milk, sugar and ghee. Its time consuming and lot of patience is required to prepare this cake. Every layer is dum cooked in coconut husk. its very well prepared and is shipped from Goa. we truly enjoyed every bit. Thanks to The fisherman's Wharf team for the Invite.

My Score Card:
Ambience: 4/5
Service: 5/5
Food: 5/5
Value for money: Yes

Meal for 2 would cost 1500 INR

All cards accepted, Ample Parking Available. 

Do visit: The Fisherman's Wharf LAVELLE ROAD
PHONE:+91 7353800001, +91 7353301603
ADDRESS: Opposite Harley Davidson Showroom, Lavelle Road, Bangalore

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