Dasara Vrat Maha Thali @Mast Kalandar- CMH ROAD INDIRANAGAR, BENGALURU

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Maa Ambe Ki AArti...

Navaratri means nine nights Dasara is the tenth day of this holy festival. Every Indian community has or have their own traditions to follow normally men and women fast for these ten days eating only one meal. root veggies, meats and grains are strictly avoided. by fasting to Lord Shakthi they attain inner peace and harmony. this is one way of detoxing your body if we see scientifically.

Do view the ambience and food served to use...enjoy the video...

Chaas...Spiced Butter Milk so refreshing and yum...

If people fast what will they eat during this period?
People stick with buckwheat for that one meal and eat loads of other veggies, diary and fruits.

Nariyal Ki Ladoo...

The festivities have kick started at Bengaluru this is a time when friends and family jointly celebrate the festival in a elaborate way. Mast Kalandar  has always been a best option when dining out for vegetarian meal. during Indian festivities they make sure to serve their house specialties every festival has its own value and with every festival there is somthing new to eat and dine out in style at an affordable price. Mast Kalandar as a brand is spread across India Bengaluru alone has 48 branches.


Mast Kalandar Brings in their traditional thalis this season comprising of feasting and fasting menu which is Utsav ki thali and Vrat Maha thali.

Vrat Ki Thali: Aloo subzee, Paneer subzee, Kuttu Poori, Kuttu Pakori, Nariyal Ladoo, Makhana Kheer, Sabudana Papad, Raita, Salad and Chutney. Priced at 229/-

The traditional vrat ki maha thali is for those who want to break their fast in authentic style. the flavour of this thali has been specially created to give a delicious feast while fasting. following the religious restriction and norms for vrat(fasting) the key ingredients used to prepare this thali are sendha namak (Himalayan rock salt), Kuttu ki atta(buckwheat), Makahana seeds (lotus seeds) each and every ingredient is sourced from northindia.

Even though I dont fast totally enjoyed the buck wheat poori with paneer and yogurt sauce it was yum the kheer was bang on even if your not fasting try this thali...

Utsav Ki Thali: Shahi kofta, Pindi chole, Aloo Ghobi, Paneer Ajwaini, Pulav, Masala Poori, Shaker Para,  Gulab Jamun, Rasmalai, Kheer, Raita and Salad. Priced at 229/-

For those party animals who dont care much for fasting here is Utsav Ki thali 12 delectable dishes from UP this scrumptious thali would be everybody's favorite.

The spicy poori with shahi kofta was yum pulav could have been bit spicy and the shaker para was crispy and yum..enjoyed this thali as well...

we were in a group so ordered many thalis and shared it was authentic and yum there is no compromise on taste...

Mast Kalandar also has a wide range or digestive churan, mouth freshners and pickles to choose from these are wonderful gifts and some authentic flavors to take back home. I loved the aam papad goli and karela pickle..

Visit Mast Kalandar its authentic food served at affordable price...well maintained space. we visited the CMH road Branch its centrally located easy to find and is a boon for hospitals and colleges in and around. Service is good very friendly and accomodative staff . Food is freshly cooked and served.

Web Address: http://www.mastkalandar.com/
Follow them on FB: https://www.facebook.com/MastKalandarRestaurants

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  1. Wow! This is so beautiful. And you've covered it so well. Can't wait to visit Mast Kalandar!

  2. This looks seriously fantastic! I would feel great eating this!
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