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District 6  is a microbrewery located at Gateway Campus, G – 03,04,06, 26/1, Dr. Rajkumar Road, Malleswaram, Subramanyanagar, Rajajinagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560055. The traditionally crafted 6 varieties of beers are served from 12-11.30 pm. To tell you how authentic the beers brewed here are Kasper Schulz who are over 350 year old brew House manufacturers from Germany and Weyermann source the best ingredients from Germany help them to brew the best beers in town making the entire experience authentic. At District 6 they give you the traditional crafting experience there is no compromise on taste and flavors its one of the best beers I've tasted so far. 

What are the Beers we should order here?
I would suggest to first try the samplers and then order. I personally loved the the Radler and the chief.

The Food comprises an experience to explore the tastes of 6 districts which perfectly compliments and balances with the freshly brewed beers and awesome cocktails served here. A mixture of delicacies from German to European, Tex-Mex to Asian, Oriental , North Indian and South Indian are freshly prepared as per customers order and served.

What starters and mains to order?
I totally enjoyed the bullet chilly chicken, lotus root chips, stir  fried cumin lamb and andhra prawns for starters.we also ordered for  Pork belly yakitori, Potato Gnocchi, Chicken and Leek yakitori and the chicken sliders it was totally worth a try all the dishes were perfectly seasoned and not to spicy.

We also ordered Vegetarian kebab platter - Dahi kebab, kache kele ki galouti was perfect was perfectly spiced and grilled.

For mains we ordered Awadhi ghosht biryani cooked on dum, potato garlic raita is absolutely a treat when served with beer.

The ambiance is contemporary has that industrial look and feel. Reclaimed railway track wood panel  exposed pipes and kegs adorn the place. Its really difficult to decorate a fully functioning microbrewery which has all the classic elements and yet looks modern. The space is well utilized its not to loud for a pub thank god they play classic 90s and 80s music which truly sets the mood and is soothing .

A semi open seating area can easily accommodate 2 to 8 people at once the semi outdoor area is about 50 seater space. The lounge area is sectioned with the reclaimed wood panel walls creating a space for group gathering I personally loved the lounge area as its semi private zone and the vibe is awesome. There are 8 other private nooks where corporate/family entertaing can be done these areas can house upto 15 people.

Our Table

Beer District: Beer crafted by Legendry Brewmaster Paul Hubmann, Equipment by Kasper Schulz
(350 YO), Malts and ingredients - Wayermann (world's biggest malt supplier from Germany) - The Beer is brewed as per German Purity law with a 21 day cycle.

Restaurant review video follow me for more vids...

Menu on a wooden Log Book quite innovative...

and talking about innovation they also have the menu on a cools is that...

Mangosteen Martini

Apart from beer they serve best of cocktails, mocktails, wines and champagne, Do try the mojito, crazy mango and the mangosteen martini its one of a kind absolutely yummy with grills and starters.

The Samplers..

The Liberator- Lager, The Chief - Our Favorite weisbier, The Guru - Beer monks loved this, Dark Lord - Brewmaster Favorite, Smoking Koing - Bamberg Special smoked, Radler - Who says it's a sports drinks - for the light hearted (Lager flavored with Lemon ).

Bullet Chicken...
 wok tossed chicken , bullet chilies , black bean , nuts.

Lamb , coriander and Cumin
Stri fried Lamb with chili , fresh coriander and whole cumin

Spiced root Vegetable chips

 Andhra chilli prawns
Crisp fried bedgi chilli spiced prawns, curry leaves

Pork belly yakitori

Vegetarian kebab platter
Dahi kebab, kache kele ki galouti

Mixed Veggie Tempura...

Chicken and Leek yakitori , warm soy mirin


Potato Gnocchi - Dumplings tossed in vodka beurre blanc

Chicken Burgers
Trio of Chili coriander , Jalapeno and classical topped with jack and cheddar cheese

The Liberator and The Chief

Magistrate Biryani
Soya and vegetables biryani cooked on Dum , potato garlic raita

Collector Biryani
Awadhi ghosht biryani cooked on dum ,potato garlic raita

 Chocolate fondant with scoop of Vanilla ice cream

Apple Crumble - Its fruity , Its warmed up and served with ice cream and whipped cream

Cheese Cake..

 Waffles - maply syrup , ice cream , Berry stew

Over all experience was fantastic the ambiance , service, food and beer was awesome bit pricey but worth every penny. I wish they had a book nook and board games I know its too much to ask for in a pub but some people would love to lounge in relax spend more time and have more fun while sipping a lager. District 6 is within the city limits which is awesome and is very well maintained for a microbrewery.

My Score Card
Ambiance: 4.5/5
Service: 5
Food: 5
Beer: 5
Value for money: 4/5

Do visit District 6 Oktoberfest is kick starting there are new beer on the menu.

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