Review- TTK Healthcare's Good Home Vegetable and Fruit Wash

TTK has always been a part of every house hold across India. From the time I took my baby steps on this earth ttk has been my good friend. TTK as a brand has been serving us for decades with best of products from pressure cookers to personal care products. ttk's groups good home is a seven year old brand their products includes from scrubbers to air fresheners, room fresheners, odour removers and drain cleaners. Recently Good Home launched the veggie wash which is most needed in today's living standards.

India is world's second largest populated country as per the stats 1,236,344,631 living in this country. Just imagine the amount of cultivation our farmers have to plan for our daily meals. the demand for fresh  fruits and veggies are making our farmers grow the needed produce in a rapid way cut short methods and over spraying of fertilizers and chemicals on veggies are common practice to achive required targets. my question is How safe is our health eating Healthy veggies??? Are they really healthy veggies.  I am also caught up with organic way of eating which is know for cultivating veggies and fruits without pesticides but then even the organic veggies have some sort of herbal spray to keep the pests this safe..

Once there is human contact with the veggies while picking the contamination starts after the produce is picked its sprayed again with chemicals before packaging and sent to the distributor and from the distribution center the produce reaches at the grocery store/ super market imagine the amount of contamination during the travel once at the super market they spray the veggies again and also coat the fruits with wax this is how 90% of the veggies and fruits at super market look fresh and plumpy this in a way attracts many consumers. Vegetables and fruits undergo a lot of contamination during this period by the end of the day we as the consumer have to suffer from adverse health issues. sadly only 60% of people who are aware of  the system take good care to clean the veggies and fruits.

In my family we follow simple steps to wash the veggies either using salt water or vinegar at times mom would also use turmeric to wash veggies as turmeric is a natural disinfectant. In countries like USA ect they use veggie wash on a regular basis they prefer to deep clean the veggies before use  this trend is slowly but surely picking up in India.

What does the Good Home Vegetable and Fruit wash Contain?
Good Home Vegetable and Fruit Wash, which contains natural tulsi extracts and chlorohexidine gluconate is 95% more effective than washing vegetables and fruits with normal water.

How to use?
Just by adding 10 ml of the Vegetable and Fruit Wash solution to 1 liter of water, soak for three minutes and rinse with fresh potable water. The vegetables and fruits are clean and safe to cook and consume.

What is the cost?
Priced at Rs 100 for a 500ml pack, the product is available in all leading super markets, grocers, general merchants and specialty vegetable and fruit outlets and  is also available in Amazon.

This is how I started using the veggie wash solution and followed the simple and easy directions 
took enough water in a large bowl added 10ml of the solution and added my veggies and fruits to the solution. allowed my veggies to rest in the solution for 3 minutes
After 3 minutes i took the vegetables out from the water there was obsessively a lot of dirt at the bottom and had to rinse them again in running water seriously I have not seen carrots tomato and capsicum look so clean it was squeaky clean.

Then my attempt was to wash the apples and chalky looking grapes so I followed the same process was not sure if the wax on the apples melted the grapes looked bit okay to me was not overly satisfied with the wash on fruits.

What do I feel about the product?
I would have preferred the packaging to be in a transparent spray bottle it would have been easy to spray the veggies with the wash and then rinse thoroughly I would also like the wax coated on some fruits and veggies to melt they should look into this aspect. if it was priced at 80 rupees per bottle it would have been super.

However one must note there is no harmful chemicals in the product it has done its best to wash the veggies and fruits over all I am satisfied with the results at least there is one company which is initiating and trying to bring forward a best product for its consumers. we all have to start some where.

Thanks to PR company for introducing to me to a wonderful and most useful product.

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  1. Nice review.. A product which I would definitely love to use.

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