Gift Basket Challenge @1MG Foodhall

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I was invited to create a gift basket at Foodhall along with few well know foodbloggers. I got there early and wanted to wander around the store and see what was available before, I start my challenge. I did not know the budget to shop for at that time so confused and, just doing my rounds around all the isles. Just then it struck me that I should create a gift basket for a teen or graduation day treat.

The Challenge kick-started a budget was given to us we had to shop and create a creative gift-basket  under or upto 2500/- . They also showcased a few baskets already created by Foodhall those baskets looked absolutely yummy and, when gifted people can really get creative and try new flavors. I was totally up for my challenge and started shopping. Normally when ever I'm at Foodhall I always shop for exotic fruits, sauces, jasmine rice and so on.

I was in this isle where they had pre made ready to assemble Mexican food which serves 6 costing at 650/- this pack was for my main course for starters, I picked up some gluten free baked 2 varieties of nachos, salsa and cheese these coasted me around 250/- which again serves 6 then for dessert, I picked up a good quality coco who doesn't like hot chocolate after a meal along with some good quality chocolates this would be an ultimate treat for any teenager or a grad who is going to start a fresh life for the desserts and coco it coasted me 400/- my basket was under 2500/- I think my basket was a healthy choice to cook and eat at home and treat your family at the same time.

As a teen I always got T-Shirts, pants, skirts, dress material and watches as gifts during my graduation I received a watch and pen set as gift it was so rhythmic and boring. The shirts and pants got tighter and the watch and pen sets broke dont waste your money if you want to treat your loved one or any friend. Try and always give them a gift that they will cherish for life. As a teen I would have truly cherished the basket if someone would've gifted me.

Chef Selvaraju was our judge, I had to do hard core explaining why I created the basket ultimately he told me the thought process was good but not a winning one. I was bummed but was happy at the same time at least got to show off my creative side.

Here are some clicks of me shopping...

My Gift Basket...Treat Mexicana...

What to buy at food hall?
Foodhall @1 MG has always been my favorite place to shop for everything under one roof, right from daily essentials to exotic veggies fruits and ingredients. I also get inspired a lot to prepare dishes with a twist when I'm there. Being a foodblogger I always look for food props and ideas to serve my dishes atleast 40% of my props are from Foodhall.

What to stock up when at Foodhall?
I always stock up on sauces, jasmine rice, panco, tempura flour, self raising flour, pastas, dips, cheese, foodhall nachos and salsa.

If your planning a party just head to Foodhall and wander a bit its good exercise and you will get tones of ideas or visit foodhallonline Entertainments, for example if your planning thai they have all the essential products and recipes online it makes everybody's life easier or if your wandering in the store and, want to find and feel all the products then its all systematically categorized and arranged in same isle right from rice paper to curry paste and jasmine rice even the meats are pre cut and fresh so you can shop all at once and meal plan and create for the party.

Dont worry what to serve for desserts they have wide range on chocolates and cakes there is sugar free chocolates as well do try to purchase them its very tasty and healthy. they also have a wide range of organic fruits and veggies. gluten free options and so on...

You can also do a cheese and wine paring session if your party planning they have wide range of wines and cheese you can do an assortment of cheese platter smoked ham salmon grapes and wine you can literally wow your guests by showcasing a gourmet style meal at home.

Also shop for some precut fruits you can toss in some caramel nuts and feta and serve a wonderful salad avocados and limes are fresh here also look for the breakfast mix its yum I always purchase the breakfast mixes and flavored yogurt.

If you want to grab a bite always try the focaccia cheese sandwich, pastas,  tart and chocolate cakes. for bulk corporate, wedding and special occasion gifts visit foodhallonline gifting.

After the basket challenge we had had high tea we were served carrot and beets juice which was yum I totally enjoyed the pongal cheese balls croissant and focaccia sandwiches not to mention the red velvet and chocolate cakes it was yum..

Carrots and Beets Juice

Croissant  Sandwiches..

Focaccia sandwiches...

Pongal Cheese Balls...

Chocolate Cake...

Red Velvet Cake...
 Thank you so much Foodhall for a wonderful gift an assortment of dips and chips...

From the gift package I loved the beets chips with yogurt and dill dipping time if I'm at foodhall will surely stock up on these chips and dip...Visit: