Review- Nut & Raisin Romance Cake By Britannia

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Britannia Cakes  Launches a new combination of nuts and raisin cake. Delicious and rich combination of Nuts  and Raisins is truly an offering for consumers who are seeking an everyday delight packed with nutrition. Britannia as a company has always been offering best of on the go snack options on a budget. 

Nuts and Raisins  cake is available in a slab format, Priced at 50/- for 160 grams. This product is available in all major supermarkets and general outlets.

Do watch my detail video review...

Britannia industries is one of India's leading food companies and a leader in the bakery and dairy segments. Some of India's Favorite and every snack options from Britannia are Good Day, Tiger, NutriChoice, MarieGold etc. From Biscuits to cake, Rusks and dairy products such as cheese beverages and dairy whitener is consumed by every Indian household.

Britannia has been constantly providing nutritional options for mother's who are seeking to enrich their family needs. Many of these everyday products are packed with micro-nutrients like Iron, Calcium, and Vitamins to meet the nutritional demands as per consumers needs.

Britannia as a company has won several accolades for quality among them being the Golden Peacock National Quality Award and the Ramakrishna Bajaj National Quality Award. Britannia as a company is No.1  Food Brand in the country across the food categories by an independent survey conducted by a reputed news publication.

What do I look for when purchasing a product?
I always look for the contents and expiration date then the packaging and the price. Always look for a sturdy packaged product  because you don't want a crumbled cake inside. I was totally impressed with the packaging.

Will I purchase this nuts and raisins cake again?
Yes in terms of nutrition there is a lot of nuts and rasinis added its moist and crumbly is priced at an affordable cost 50/- . I would say the product is much cheaper compared to other brands which are selling certain products at a very high cost.

What are the downsides and suggestions?
As a consumer yes of-course I look into the contents would also like to see the portion size or serving size. In countries like USA atleast 80% of people are very particular about serving size as they categorize their meal and its planned as per calorie and nutritional value.

What are the ingredients you look for in a product while purchasing?
I always look for a product if it contains eggs, vegetable oil and butter and I also look for some fine details what are the other quality products that are added like nuts, raisins, cured orange peeling, protein and calcium. the most important if the product contain artificial coloring agents and flavoring. as far as the cake it does contains natural or artificial flavors and colors. The cake does contain artificial flavors and colors. 

What is my opinion on the cake?
All these years there were cakes which evolved around kids and teens the company has truly understood the needs of a consumer stepping up a notch and upgrading their cake, flavor and taste where adults will truly love and enjoy. As I opened the package the flavors were awesome cake was moist and crumbly a bit sweet for my pallet loved every bite. As the cake was in a loaf form I had to slice it was a tad bit annoying for me to cut into equal portions.

Few suggestions to the company: As an adult I would truly like to see more adult friendly products on your line no sugar less salt new and natural flavors these products will be a boon to many diet and diabetic consumers. Some flavors i would like to see on the line would be green tea cake, lychee cakes and so on. I would surely purchase the cakes and so would many young people  out there. Also would like the cakes to be sold in smaller packages to carry in my bag as a snack while travelling.

Taste testing: After offering few samples to my neighbors and family they headed back to the store and purchased the cake it was truly a treat on a budget. I was a bit disappointed when I couldn't find the cakes in and around few stores near my home as it was sold out. I totally recommend to purchase the product and try for yourself its also a great gift option for kids or adults they will surely appreciate your purchase and gift.

Finally my bite...yummy totally enjoyed...:) "TING TING TIDING"

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