Zespri Kiwi Diwali @ITC Gardenia Bengaluru

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Zespri Kiwi is know as world's best. Healthy and nutritious kiwi can be eaten many ways from refreshing cocktails.mocktails, soups, salads and so on also visit the website for more recipes. I was invited to take kiwi master class at ITC Gardenia Bengaluru on the 11th October, 2014. Chef Yogen Datta heart of ITC totally impressed us with the creation hats off to chef Yogen and team.

The event was conducted at Lotus Pavilion such a beautiful place to be  it was like the entire stage floating on river surrounded by fresh lotus plants the lotus scent and sight was amazing. This was first time ever for me to try some golden Kiwi it was so tasty between a mango and peach never expected the kiwi to taste so good. Rich properties in kiwi is also know to cure many diseases its also very good for diabetic people Kiwi also comes in dried powder format which is used as seasoning for many dishes and can be consumed as it is. Kiwi season starts from October and ends early Feb so grab those kiwi and try some of chefs recipes as given below.

Chef Joshi 
Prepared Spicy Kiwi and Avocado Gunkan
Gunkan is traditional sushi shape which resembles a Japanese Battle Ship.

Recipe for 6 Pieces
Cooked Sushi Rice 120grms
after cooking the rice 1 tbsp of sushi vinegar is added and reserved.
2 Yellow Kiwi cut into small chunks
1 Ripe Avocado cut into small chunks
Togarashi Powder
Nori sheets

Prepare by mixing the mayonnaise with the togarashi powder and season well add the chopped kiwi and avocado mix and reserve for 10 minutes.

Take the nori sheets and toast till bit crisp cut into 2 Inch strips and reserve.

Always place a bowl of ice water mixed with sushi vinegar this helps from rice sticking to your finger take lemon size portions of rice and  prepare a boat shape ball.

Take the nori sheet and cover the edges seal with a grain of rice. in the hallow space add the kiwi mixture and garnish with cucumber serve right away...enjoy..:)

Do watch Chef Joshi in action...

Chef Vittorio Greco 
Prepared Kiwi and Prawn Carpaccio garnished with Kiwi Vinaigrette 

Recipe Serves 2 Portions

For the Kiwi Marinate: 
Dijon mustard 1 Tbsp
Olive Oil 1 Tbsp
Lemon Zest
Salt to taste

For Vinaigrette:
Orange Juice 2 Tbsp
Lemon Juice 2 Tbsp
Lemon and orange zest 
Oil 6 Tbsp
Salt and pepper to taste
A sprig of thyme
Grind all the ingredients using a hand blender or mixer jar check for seasoning.

Prepare the prawns by de veining and slicing into half's flatten the prawns using a knife. 
smear the prawns with the vinaigrette allow to rest for halt hour the prawns will 
pickle in this process.

Slice the kiwi into thin slices and start to arrange the kiwi and prawn in layers on a serving 
plate. chop the kiwi into tiny chunks and add to the kiwi marinate mix well and garnish over
the arranged prawns  drizzle some vinaigrette and garnish with thinly sliced chilly...enjoy.

Watch Chef Greco in action...

Golden Kiwi Cheese Cake

Cheese Cake Base: 130 Grams Butter, 120 Grams Maida, 65 Grams Powdered Almonds, 65 Grams Sugar, 2 Grams Baking Powder.

Melt the butter. Mix the other ingredients first add the melted butter to the dry ingredients and rub to form crumble texture. allow the crumble to rest for half an hour  spread it over a baking sheet and bake at 160 degree until the crumble turns golden brown.

My Tip: You also use 100 grams of melted butter to 2 packs of powdered gram cracker biscuits and prepare this base.

Add this mixture to a cake ring and flatten the crumb coat place in fridge for half an hour to set.

Cheese Cake Filling: 2 Egg Yolks, 100 Grams Icing Sugar, 300 Grams Cream Cheese, 1 Tbsp Lime Juice, 1 Tbsp Gelatine, 300 Grams Heavy Whipping Cream.

Whip the heavy cream till fluffy and store in fridge. whip the cream cheese till lite and fluffy and store in fridge. In a mixing bowl add egg yolks and sugar whisk till well combined place water in a double boiler place the egg yolk mixture on the double boiler cook until it reaches 80 degree or until a smooth pale custard is formed allow to cool a bit in room temperature. combine and fold both the cheese and whipping cream add the custard and fold now melt the gelatine allow to cool a bit add a portion of this mixture to the gelatine first and then mix the gelatine to the entire batch fold and mix the mixture.

Peel 4 golden Kiwi and chop into wedges. add the first layer of cheese to the prepared crumb mixture then layer with kiwi and then the cheese mixture follow this layering at least 3 times place the cheese mixture in the fridge and allow to set. 

Once the cheese cake sets demould the cake from the ring and place on to a serving plate garnish with chopped kiwi and twill serve tight away enjoy...:)

My Tip: to avoid egg custard prepare custard using full fat milk take 1 cup milk bring to a boil add 2 tbsp of diluted corn starch whisk well to form and custard and use. to avoid gelatine use 10 grams agar agar. melt agar agar powder in 1/2 cup of hot water and use as required.

Golden Kiwi Sangria

At the Hightea we enjoyed wonderful beet and carrot chips golden kiwi cheese rolls tofu carpaccio and so on it was truly an amazing experience. Thanks to Chef Yogen and team.

Golden Kiwi
Golden Kiwi Cheese rolls
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Thanks to Zespri.

Thanks to ITC Gardenia


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