Lunch @Nando's Church Street Bengaluru

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I was invited to Nando's to try a designer drink and butterfly chicken. Myself and Dad headed to the Church street location for lunch. Nando's have built their presence at major business hubs in Bengaluru making it an easy destination for foodies; Nando's outlets are located at Chruch Street and Whitefield. Nando's whips up amazing Afro-Portuguese chicken dishes on a budget. 

The restaurant has 2 level seating arrangements with Bar. I was seated at the 2nd level it was 12 pm when I got there the place got packed really fast. They handed me the menu card the first thing I noticed was the peri-o-meter which suggests to choose the heat as per your taste buds, starting from a tart base with lemon and herb scaling up to extreme hot. 

Peri Peri is a sauce which is prepared using birds eye chilly this chilly can be lethal if your not careful while preparing your dishes. Majority of the sauces and ingredients are shipped from Africa itself they want to maintain the standard at all locations.The Chicken is marinated in a speically made marinate from Africa itself its then cooked in a  combi-steam oven and then flame grilled with sauce of your choice. The juicy and succulent chicken is served with many sides as per your choice from spicy rice, potato wedges, buttery corn and so on. Nando's has many veg options on the menu too vegans will never be disappointed.

I choose the maderia red which is a pomegranate and citrus based mocktail it was quite refreshing followed by starters  all togeather is a Mediterranean inspired platter hummus, roasted veg dip, spicy olive are served with pita bread. 

For Mains we ordered espeteda rustica, butterfly chicken, cataplana and the ceaser salad. For sides we ordered corn on cob, fries, spicy rice, coleslaw, 3 bean salad and potato wedges.

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 Maderia red 
Peri Peri Sauce.
All togeather Pita bread, Hummus, Roasted veg dip and Spicy olives

All togeather is a Mediterranean inspired platter hummus, roasted veg dip, spicy olive are served with pita bread. I totally enjoyed the peri peri sauce along with hummus the pita bread was fluffy and very tasty.

9 Chicken Wings

Dad and my blogger world friend (Shijus photography) who joined me for lunch opted for Beer and peri peri 9 chicken wings. the crispy grilled chicken wings starts with mild heat and gets extra hot by the end its 2 wings served per portion very tasty and perfect accompaniment for beer lovers.

Chill Beer
Corn on Cob with Peri Peri Sauce

We loved the corn on cob with peri peri sauce it tasted so good. You can choose corn of cob with  all the chicken dishes they serve its so tasty and best accompaniment will all the dishes they serve.

The 3 Bean Salad

The 3 Bean salad has an Indian touch tasted a lot like usali. the beans were cooked to perfection and the vinaigrette was awesome.

 Caesar salad

The  caesar salad with cheese croutons and peri peri chicken was a complete meal on its own. The portion size was awesome loved the peri peri chicken topped on the salad the veggies were fresh and the dressing was bang on.

Tangy Chicken Liver Peri Peri Sauce Served with Portuguese Roll

The staff and business head suggested we should try the Chicken Liver and Portuguese roll. it’s a fluffy bread served with a peri peri spicy and tangy sauce. I never like or have eaten chicken liver, so I tasted only the gravy it was good. People who love chicken liver in tangy gravy go for it; the butter served along with the gravy gives this dish a twist and is really tasty.

Butterfly chicken meal

Butterfly chicken is a meal for 2. The chicken was flame grilled and basted with peri peri sauce.  If you’re at nando's please try their coleslaw it’s the best slaw I've ever tasted.

Espeteda rustica

Espeteda rustica is served on a skewer holder. chicken thighs are stuffed with sun dried tomato and red onions. the skewered chicken is then grilled with the peri peri sauce. you can ask for extra heat if needed. the sundry tangy tomato in the middle was really tasty and liked the entire combo with spicy rice and fries.


I truly enjoy the meal when its prepared in a rustic and traditional way. Cataplana is traditional copper cookware, shaped like a clam-shell which is used to prepare traditional Portuguese seafood dishes. At Nando's cataplana features marinated and grilled chicken with tangy rice bell peppers and beans. 

Caramel Cheese Cake
Chocolate Cake

For desserts we had cheese cake and chocolate cake, no comments it was good.

My favorite was the coleslaw it was the best accompaniment with all dishes especially with 
espeteta rustica.

Service and ambiance is bang on.dine there in a group portion size is awesome.

Truly Soul Satisfying Meal Concluding my journey with Nando's here is a swahili quote 
"Good words are food, bad words poison."

Church Street 1 A, Off Brigade Road, Church Street, Bangalore 080 25550707

Reservations Recommended. Parking available, Cards accepted.

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