Care4Food Tupperware Campaign

Care4Food is a campaign started by Tupperware. Care4Food is a platform that offers methods to take care of food at various levels right from buying, storing, preparation and leftover management. Food lovers can share their own experiences and practices of saving food and support this campaign to become a Food Savior.

Many of my foodblogging friends were writing on the same campaign. Hina Gujral from My most dearest friend referred me to the company and they contacted me, Care4Food sent me a wonderful Package containing 2-800ml cool and fresh refrigerator medium box, 1-Fridge smart box and 1-300ml Freezer mate box.

We have been using Tupperware for many years now I've personally hosted many events on Tupperware giveaway on my blogs and people who received my gifts have always enjoyed using my Tupperware gifts and appreciated my gifts.

All Tupperware products are made from safe, non-toxic, non-carcinogenic materials; thus they do not release harmful chemicals to food or liquid contents. Materials & Additives used exceed US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) & Japan Polyolefin Hygienic Association standards.

Tupperware as a product is on a mission in saving Mother Earth from further pollution and degradation as its products are designed for long term use (Life Time Warranty). On the other hand, plastic bags and bottles, Styrofoam containers and PET bottles are not made for repeated use, and thus adds to the mountain of garbage. Even food which is not stored properly ends up in unwanted landfills and pollutes the environment. Its a daunting task for our Indian government to solve the land fill issues as a Indian citizen we can help our Government and Environment in some ways by avoiding the purchase of unwanted plastic saving food in right way and minimizing waste be the change you wish to see the world in quoted by Mahatma is so true think what goes wrong in our system before blaming the government or any political party.

My Favorite Tupperware for Gifting
Slim lunch box set is my favorite stores a lot of food and can store in a handbag easily there is no spills what so ever while commuting.

Family Favorite Tupperware that we have purchased and love using all these years.

We store pretty much everything in these Tupperware containers from cakes to curries every thing can be frozen and used when needed wasting food is considered as a crime in my home. some leftovers like dhal and subzi is reheated and devoured on those no cook home cleaning days.

Mom is an expert when it comes to using up leftovers some tips i can give is there is always left over dhal try to convert it and prepare dhal soup or rasam it will be a hit. with left over curries and vegetable try to add extra onion and egg in little oil and toss in left over rice to prepare fried rice or smear it over dosa with little cheese and prepare a unique dosa kids will love such things as a snack. never throw away left over rice use it up to prepare fried rice lemon rice or tomato rice.

Use up leftover gravy to prepare kothu parota for a  tea time snack every one at home will love kothu. what i do with left over gravy is prepare stir fried chicken or paneer fry.  I also use the gravy in potato roast its super tasty and is an excellent side dish for sambar rice.

I also pre-plan my meals for some days, veggies like carrots beans and cabbage dont store for long in fridge normally what i do is prepare veggie masala for noodles and fried rice and store it in a tupper ware container freeze it and use when needed  these pre cooked meals comes so handy at times we have to go out and preparing dinner after coming back will be a sore for any one I would simply toss in some cooked pasta or noodles in these veggies and serve it hot.

Dosa and Idly batter store really well in Tupperware containers. In summers our fridge never seems to work properly and the souring heat ferments the batter really fast when stored in a steel utensil whereas the batter when store in a tupperware container will never ferment and will store perfectly.

If we tend to go out on long journey mom would normally prepare a large batch of subzi and chapati dough and store it in a tupperware container and place it in normal chill mode once we return from our journey we would always have hot roti and subzi. I remember once when we had been to chennai mom had prepared a very large batch of chicken biryani to take and store some in fridge we stored the required amount of biryani in a tupperware container and froze it and totally forgot about it upon returning from chennai mom and I were facing a large batch of laundry to be done with and were tired after all the travel it was almost 2 weeks of travel and mom was also looking at what was left in the fridge to prepare lunch and to our surprise the biryani was in perfect condition and truly saved our day these moments I will never forget.

Preparing Roti dough and storing it in tupperware under normal chill mode is a must in my home uber soft rotis are the result when prepared all i want to say is people who tend to travel or working preplan your weeks meal  ahead of time prepare and store the right way from sambar to chutneys every thing stores really well plus it saves your valuable energy and time folks.

Tupperware containers never stains I always wash with lukewarm water and a mild dish wash soap from pantry to my fridge everything is well organised and see through containers help us to see what is stored. I also stick a post it note on the container with date this way we are assured that the food should be used in 1 or 2 weeks from the day of preparation. If you meal plan post it notes really helps the family to located the container and use it for lunch or dinner if your not there.

Please dont copy any pics and material from this blog if any content needed please contact me via mail. Thank you so much for visiting my space.

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