Kamat Loka Ruchi

Kamat Loka Ruchi is conveniently located on Bengaluru-Mysore, Highway. After the famous Bidadi Thatte Idli next up is Kamat Loka Ruchi which serves authentic north karnataka and mangalorean cuisine. Must try dishes at Kamat is Mude idli  which is steamed rice cakes in screw pine leaf moulds the flavor and taste is unique its also steam cooked on coals so the smoky flavors adds to the taste its always served hot with spicy chutney.

The ambiance is rustic and calming. warli art on walls is an ancient Indian graffiti art form the pops of color and thatched roofing ties the whole space togeather the space is bright and airy. they have also used veggies like onion pumpkin and garlic for decor this is not only decor but in the old days they used to hang the veggies from the ceiling to prevent from bugs and rats. this also helped to keep the mosquitoes and flies away.  

They also have options for breakfast buffet. we chose a-la-carte the second dish to try is chow chow bath which is upma and sweet sajjige. The flavors and taste is amazing since its all cooked in ghee the upma is perfectly spiced and the consistency is right.

Next Up is Neer Dosa which is served with 3 different condiments neer dosa is a must try mangalorean dish the soft dosas are yum its always served with kara chutney, kobari bella and saagu.

Saving the best for last is filter kaapi and Jalebi which is cooked in pure ghee over all must try restaurant if your on Bangalore Mysore highway.

Our Bill was 240/- worth every penny.

Parking available, cards accepted

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