Strawberry Mojito

Strawberry mojito is so affordable and easy to prepare. Now is the time to prepare strawberry syrup and store it in bulk to use for summer many dessert recipes can evolve with just using the syrup this strawberry syrup has the right amount of sour content and stores really well in the fridge.

If you want to serve this mojito with alcohol substitute the sprite with a lime based smirnoff breezer adults will truly enjoy the combo.

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4 Tbsp Strawberry Syrup
1/2 Tsp Lime
1 half liter Bottle of Sprite or Smirnoff breezer 
Few Sprigs of Fresh Mint Leaves
Nutmeg Powder Optional

Ice cubes and fresh strawberries for garnish.


  • In a tall serving tumbler add 4 tbsp of strawberry syrup along with lime juice stir well.
  • To spice things up a bit nutmeg powder can be added give the mixture a stir.
  • Add mint and icecubes layer the mint and ice cube fill the glass pour in the sprite garnish with strawberry and serve right away..Enjoy...:)

Method to Prepare Strawberry Syrup:
  • For every 1/2 Kilo of strawberry add 1 cup sugar the ammount of sugar depends how sour the fruit is. you'll need adjust and add either add 1/2 cup more or less.
  • In a heavy bottom pot add the strawberry sugar and 1 cup water place it on medium flame cook until the strawberry is well done.
  • Pass the strawberry through a sieve and extract the pulp/syrup once the syrup cools down a bit add 1 tbsp of white vinegar stir and store in a bottle jar this syrup store well and can be used in many recipes.

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