Breathtaking and Dazzling BON6

I was experimenting few dishes for the blog was in no mood as both the dishes flopped a bit... hey that's part of being a foodblogger. Totally depressed was surfing the net for ideas just then I received a call from the courier office asking me if i was at home as they have mystery box just for me Surprised and Shocked was eagerly waiting for my box in 10 minutes the courier guy came over and dropped the mystery box my anxiety grew every second wanted to see whats all this about...

Once i opened the package the irresistible coco colored sleek and mode looking Bon6 is exactly what I was looking for the crisp exterior with  breathtaking, dazzling, eye catching features was so hooked... #BonTheOriginal

The Sleek and mode design will surely be a style statement people who are seeking for the ultimate features is here just cant wait to share the launch and more details all about the package soon...

however if your so curious cant wait to see the reveal the please visit :

The website is:

the twitter handle you have to tag and follow is:

the facebook link to be tagged and liked is:​


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