Lip Lock Menu @Cafe Coffee Day- Sahakarnagar Bengaluru

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I was one among few bloggers to taste the sinful delights @Cafe Coffee Day. The special Valentine Lip Lock Menu will incorporate the most indulgent items on the menu. Whether it is the decadent Sizzle Dazzle Brownie and Dark Passion, the sinfully rich Choc Hola and Choco Frappe, or the delicious Devils Own and Crunchy Frappe - these delights are sure to deliver that true moment of bliss and leave one’s lips asking for more!This will be available at all CCD cafes across the city from 6th Feb – 15th Feb, 2015.

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About Café Coffee Day:
Café Coffee Day is India's largest Cafe chain and operates through its subsidiary Amalgamated Bean Coffee Trading Company Ltd. (ABCTCL), the first to start the ‘Cafe’ concept in India with its first café in Bangalore. Café Coffee Day’s menu ranges from signature hot and cold coffees to several international coffees, food, desserts and pastries. In addition, merchandise such as coffee powders, cookies, mugs, coffee filters, etc. are available at all coffee day cafés.

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Being a resident of sahakarnagar I'm really happy to have a coffee day right next-door. We always keep going there for cappuccino and Oreo shake. This time cafe coffee day Invited me to taste their Lip Lock new menu. The menu features wonderful dessert coffee shakes and more. What we ordered and totally fell in love was the Devils Own, Dazzle Brownie, Masala Chai Latte, Cappuccino, Smoked Chicken Sandwich, Chilly Toastizza, Chicken Roll and Sizzling Brownie. 

I along with my Dad headed to the cafe around 8 PM the ambience was quite and not many people surrounding us we practically had the entire place to ourselves. this branch closes early around 9 itself.  

Devils Own

Devils Own is a dessert Drink served in a tall tumbler the drink is layered with cafe coffee day special coffee ice cream brownie and almonds the crunchy almonds adds to the flavor and taste this drink is a complete meal on its own loved it.

Dazzle Brownie is again a dessert drink which is served in a tall tumbler the drink is prepared with vanilla ice cream cafe coffee day brownie cakes coffee and chocolate syrup this was totally yum the chunks of brownie taste so dam good I've had the drink before in many places but cafe coffee day nailed this drink .

Chai Latte

Dad being a huge chai fan he totally enjoyed the creamy masala chai the tea is spiced with ginger cinnamon cardamom and special chai blend once the chai is steeped cream is added and frothy chai is served hot.

I dont have to explain more about the cappuccino its everybody's favorite drink at cafe coffee day. after drinking a whole bunch of coffee our  meal order started. Smoked chicken sandwich is must try and we wanted second helping a well seasoned and spicy bun base is stuffed with BBQ shredded chicken and chopped veggies like lettuce onion and shredded carrots the base has a spread of mayo this was one of our favorites and we totally loved the flavor this is something we would want to try and order again.


Dad taste testing my coffee..:P

Smoked Chicken Sandwich..

Chilli Cheese Toastizza...

I've never tried rolls at coffee day before the Chicken roll was super its a lacha paratha layered with egg curried chicken and veggies the roll is bit pricy but worth a try.

Cheese toast is always my favorite at cafe coffee day a soft yet crunch bun base is loaded with cheese mustard and topped with bell pepper and chillies its them browlied in oven and served hot the gooey cheese is super tasty with cappuccino i always order this combo.

finally we were full but after we saw the sizzling brownie it was visually appealing and so dam tasty we totally enjoyed the visit at cafe coffee day.

Chicken Roll...

Sizzle Dazzle Brownie..

Thanks to cafe coffee day team for the invite and Noorain who was patient and served us with love.

Now you can also apply for points card and reserve those discount points on every visit..

Cafe Coffee Day
830, A Block, Damodaran Road, Sahakara Nagar, Bangalore
+91 7483373252

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  1. Nice place... its makes me hungry now.. Thanks for sharing! private chef in austin texas

  2. Nice Post. One of the best place for authentic Andhra food.. They serve what they promise that s pure Andhra style food.. Lot of options as they do serve good Chinese, Mughalai food...With recent renovation the ambience is awesome and pleasing... Highly recommended.
    Restaurants in Bangalore



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