Romantic Poolside Dining-Whitesmoke Barbeque @Fairfeild By Marriott Rajajinagar Bengaluru

Fairfeild By Marriott recently launched Rooftop Poolside Dining Restaurant called White Smoke Barbecue. Chef Ajeet has tastefully put togeather a menu which consists of Organic veggie salads, soups, cheese from across the globe and yummy grilled pizzas.

The Poolside dinning will surely be a romantic and calming experience they take only 50 bookings on every week end. The ambience is calming and so soothing we are in the heart of city yet cut off from the hustle and bustle. 

The Grills are loaded with aromatic woods to flavor the meats and veggies as per the order. what I really liked and appreciated was every dish served was not overly spiced or overly smoked the taste was well balanced. 

What I also like was the menu which was chalked over washed wood planks the grill menu is broken into 4 parts first we have the protein,  rubs,  sauces and accompaniments which will be as per the order.  for example if you choose a haloumi cheese for salad the waiter will suggest the rub or you can choose the rub along with accompaniments and it will be grilled garnished and served as per your requirement what a wonderful way to choose a dish as per your taste buds.

Chef Ajeet

Sauvignon Blanc

Tortilla Chips and Salsa...
We started with the chips and some wine as our conversations progressed chef amit invited us to the open kitchen and explained why the name white smoke barbecue and his sourced produce and so on after all of the interactive session and pointless conversations.  we headed back to our seats and started with seekhs... the air was filled with aromatic flavors this made me even more hungry...

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Gosht Gilafi Seekh Kabab
Finely Minced Meat was marinated with classic indian garam masala skewer grilled in hot tandoor ovens the meat was succulent and was perfectly spiced the ghee smeared over the meat added to the flavor and taste totally loved the mint chutney along with the seekhs..

Cycle Bread Basket...

Amuse Bouche
Goat cheese and feta were soften and well combined mildly spiced and set in molds just before serving toasted ragi(millet) was topped with a balsamic reduction and garnished with water cress and borage flower..the mousse was delicate loved the addition of ragi which is a staple and eaten by localities across Bengaluru on a daily basis.

Clam Soup..
I was expecting a clear soup but the chef amused me with the addition of rajma also know as red kidney beans which is again consumed across India the soup was super I only wished if it was a tad bit spicy. the sea food(clams, prawns and crab) were fresh was tossed with few herbs and grilled mildly the rajma beans were toasted on grills and then cooked to attain smoky flavors the innovation part was awesome and enjoyed the soup.

Halloumi Salad..
If you have a taste for salty cheese then go for this salad. Halloumi is a greek (cyprus) cheese this cheese is very similar to paneer it was grilled and tossed with dressing and organic veggies. I loved the cheese it only needed a bit of chilly and garlic to enhance the taste I totally loved the fresh salad and cheese.

Chicken in Grape and fennel seeds Compote
Chicken in grape and fennel seed compote served over a bed of asparagus and fluffy mash. the chicken was over cooked and the taste of this dish was lost it was suppose to be sweet tender filled with smoky flavors however it was not enjoyable as it was over cooked. normally when cooking chicken breast the meat is not juicy and tends to dry out fast on grills the timing is key to attain good flavors and taste.

Salmon Tikka..
Salmon tikka was super the flaky fish tasted yum with potato mash and some salad.  the tikka could have been bit spicy since the restaurant serves resident Expats the taste is balanced and tuned down as per the restaurants requirement... totally understandable this is my most favorite fusion dish...

Apple Martini
Apple martini was so refreshing after a wonderful meal relaxing cleansed my palette for dessert.

Red Raisin Pannacotta 
Red Rasin Pannacotta is a vanilla based creamy milk reduction perfectly set and garnish with glazed raisins...

Hats off to Chef Ajeet and team bringing back flavours and taste from local produce/ingredients and composing a wonderful menu is tough. Loved the creative side bit more tweaking here and there will surely refine few dishes. I totally enjoyed the company of my friends and food thank you so much for having me over @Fairfeild by marriott.

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White Smoke Barbeque
Fairfield by Marriott, 59th C Cross, 4th M Block, Rajajinagar, Bangalore
Land Mark: Total Mall

Reservation Must:8049470020

It would cost 2000/- for 2 

Wifi available, Cash and Cards Accepted, Easy to locate

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