Food and Whiskey Pairing Session By Johnnie Walker Double Black @Blue Ginger Taj Westend Bengaluru

The Taj West End
Dad and myself experienced a wonderful soul satisfying food and whiskey Pairing session by world renowned mixologist Zbigniew Zapert and Taj’s most celebrated chef Sandip Narang for the Johnnie Walker Double Black Whisky. The event was on the 22nd of May 2015.

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Racecourse Road, High Grounds, Sampangi Rama Nagar, Bangalore, India
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Buffet Seating Area

Johnnie Walker Double Black Whiskey

Johnnie Walker Double Black is a deeper, smokier expression of the world’s no.1 deluxe Blended Scotch Whisky - Johnnie Walker Black Label, crafted for those who prefer a more intense taste. Intensity and smokiness has been created by carefully selecting Scotch Whiskies that have been matured in deep charred oak casks.  The intensity and smokiness has been created by carefully selecting whiskies which have more of the distinctive west coast whisky flavor, the signature note in all Johnnie Walker whiskies.

Our Master Blender has selected whiskies which are particularly smoky and rich, from West Coast distilleries which specialize in the deeper, peaty flavour and aroma. Many of these whiskies come from smaller and more remote distilleries which adds to the unique character of the blend.

Appearance: Intense and stormy 
Nose: Peat smoke shining through rich raisins and dried fruit 
Palate: Apples, pears and orange zest bring freshness while creamy vanilla and spice bring a softness and sweetness to the tongue
Finish: The long warming finish combines spicy oak tannins and lingering smoke 
Conclusion: A smoky, intense whisky of wonderful balance and power 

Johnnie Walker Double Black is best taken with water; this is the perfect way to release the smoky flavours

Johnnie Walker Double Black is available in Bangalore for INR 6785 across all major retail stores in the city.
 Mixologist Zbigniew Zapert
‘I believe that the base spirit used should be of the highest quality and the
Rest of ingredients are there to enhance its complexity’

Zbiginiew is a professional mixologist with years of experience in cocktail led venues throughout Europe. As spirits, mixology and history of drinks have always been his passion, he has been attending numerous trainings, lectures and industry meetings, increasing his knowledge. 

After a UKBG advanced course at the Westminster Kingsway College, he completed a course from International Bartenders Association training and started his career working at restaurants and clubs in London.

Zbi has always been passionate about drinks, their flavors and mixology. Through travel, he has learned about various drinking cultures and styles of service. He is always looking for a new challenge, and uses his familiarity with Indian cuisine to create seasonal cocktails with fresh ingredients that would complement this food. 

For years Zbi has been working as a mixologist, bar trainer and manager with a number of members clubs, cocktail bars and hotels in London, Dublin, Amsterdam, Delhi and in his native country of Poland. He has created cocktail menus, trained bartenders and developed beverage concepts for Diageo. He also runs his own hospitality consulting agency.

Zbi joined Diageo India in 2013 and since then he trained over 1000 bartenders across the country, judged over 30 cocktail competitions, designed menus for high end bars and has created and hosted countless cocktail and spirit events. Zbi inspires his Indian audience to “drink less but better”.

Chef Sandip Narang

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Double Black Raisin Sour
Crushed grapes, our homemade raisin syrup and freshly squeezed lemon juice. This concoction is double shaken with Johnnie Walker Double Black and a hint of egg white for the froth and consistency.
Black Grapes – 5
Raisin syrup – 25ml
Lemon juice – 25ml
Johnnie walker Double Back – 60ml
Egg white – 30ml

Double Raisin sour was paired with cheese and pickle platter the grape reduction and sharp cheese flavors tingled our taste buds and we were ready for more...

Cheese and Pickle Platter

Double Black Oaky Apple
Johnnie Walker Double Black is gently stirred with oak aged Port wine and citrus oils. Great complexity of flavours with sweet vanilla, smoke, wood and freshness is crowned with green apple foam.
Johnnie Walker Double Black – 60ml
Red Port – 30ml
Lemon Juice – 10ml
Apple foam – top up

Double Black Oaky Apple

Prosciutto and Salami with Horseradish Aioli 

The frothy goodness was paired with cold cuts and fig which was a delightful combination the apple foam was my favorite..

Double Black Maple Masala Old Fashioned 
Johnnie Walker Double Black meets garam masala infused maple syrup and classic biters. Perfectly balanced, smoky, rich and very complex symphony of ultimate flavours.

Johnnie Walker Double Black – 60ml
Garam masala maple syrup – 10ml
Angostura – 2 dashes

Double Black Maple Masala Old Fashioned was paired with galouti kabab the classic flavors and taste whaata contrast from what all we tasted so far to tell you the truth this was our favorite...I'm truly inspired to do more with garam masala in my upcoming recipes...

Double Black and Berry
Gently sweet yet fresh and smoky combination of blackberry syrup, freshly squeezed lime juice and Johnnie Walker Double Black. Charged with a splash of ginger ale and served with an orange wedge.

Johnnie Walker Double Black – 60ml
Blackberry syrup – 15ml
Lime juice – 15ml
Ginger ale – top up

Lamb Chops in a Fig and Date Glaze

I was totally expecting the lamb chops to be on the spicy side it was totally opposite..lacked spicy taste the grilled chops was served with a fig based reduction which was some how not complimenting the whiskey I was not at all impressed with this combo...I loved the lamb chops dish as it is not with this cocktail...

Double Black and Water
Tasting whisky is a journey with each step bringing new flavours and sensations. Try Johnnie Walker Double Black served with just a splash of water and experience its intense complexity.

Johnnie Walker Double Black – 60ml
Cold water – 60ml

Double black with just plain water cleansed our palate this shot was paried with the most richest chocolate cake I've ever tasted...The cake was prepare out of premium belgian coco and topped a wonderful rich chocolate ganache...This dessert combo was ultimate indulgence...


Belgium Chocolate Spread

From the buffet I selected the veg noodles, grilled lamb, scallops, peppery grilled prawns, peanut mango salad and crunchy beans stir fry...over all liked the taste the food could have been hot for some reason it was too cold..totally enjoyed the grill and stir fry...


The dessert counter had a variety of treats to choose from my picks were the chocolate cake, premium chocolates and banana fritters with ice-cream and dessert sauce of choice mine of course was the chocolate with crunchy nuts...

Banana Fritters with Ice cream and Nuts

This modern blend of exquisite whiskies revealed bold smoky characters of peat which mingle with creamy vanilla, dried fruits, fresh pears, apples and orange oils. Zibi Zapert deconstructed the flavours  from whiskey and created a menu that enhances that great complexity. Together with Taj’s celebrated chef Sandip Narang they have curated a delectable food pairing that created an unforgettable experience.

"Keep Calm and Party On!"

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