McCafe @Central Mall JPNagar Bengaluru

McDonald’s India first opened a McCafe in October 2013. Over the last 18 months, McDonald’s has expanded its McCafe network across 41 restaurants in Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Nashik, Aurangabad, Pune and Bengaluru and hopes to have 75-150 McCafes over the next 3-5 years.

McCafe is the newest segment at Mcdonald's central mall JP nagar Bengaluru. Whats so special about Mcafe? you may ask...At McCafe the coffee beans are sourced from chikkamagaluru they freshly grind the coffee as per the order and then brew...which makes every filter special...every sip is  packed with flavors...truly an amazing experience for a coffee lover..

Apart from coffee McCafe also serves delectable treats from oatmeal cookies to cakes. There is a wide range of Chai lattes and cold coffees to also choose from...Kids also have hot chocolate and baby chocolattes fresh fruit smoothies and so on...

Central mall is a space where we can shop till we drop and mcdonald's is only outlet where its packed all days...To curb the hunger pangs McCafe is a space for you. Its pocket friendly and serves authentic coffee.. Snacks and burgers...Do visit for more info...


Cappuccino in the making customizing with letter M on top this was my order...

Some fun facts about Cappucion it should not be stirred or mixed with sugar. I never mix sugar in coffee for some reason loveit just the way it is creamy and bitter oh my it was yummy...

Espresso (DegreeKaapi)

Espresso or as we call it degree kaapi is a neat shot the highly concentrated brew is loved by italians and southindians every morning we need this shot to get our day started...I'm not a big fan of this...:P I like my coffee creamy... the roasted bean is freshly ground and then brewed this is a base for all hot coffee's...


Mochaccino has become my latest favorite I'm loving the chocolate and frothy texture. Coffee and chocolate combo is one amazing treat on a busy day one must take time out  from a hectic schedule and relax to enjoy the blend...

Caramel Coffee Latte

Oatmeal Cookie
All cakes and cookies are freshly baked in house a convenient oven is always on ready to bake a muffin or cookies...

Chocolate Chip Muffin (eggless)

Vanilla Choc chip muffin

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Chocolate Express Cake (eggless)

Blueberry Cheese Cake

Chocolate marble slice

Banana Walnut Slice

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Crunchy Mango Delight 
Being a food blogger we got to create our signature smoothies. From the ingredients spread I chose coconut milk, mango, gems and caramel...Gems and caramel is something I used to love as a kid combing these ingredients I created a lactose free smoothie...when all the ingredients were blended togeather it was crunchy and smooth I felt it needed more mango...:)

Spicy Chicken Burger
After all the activities and kitchen tour we were unable to resist a burger my favs are spicy chicken and egg mcmuffin that was my order my friends suggested we should try the wings which was superb worth every penny...

Spicy Chicken Wings

Egg Muffin

Food Enthusiast Nameesh Rajamane Enjoy's Espresso #McCafeBengaluru 

Location: JP Nagar › 15th Cross, 24th Main, JP Nagar, Bangalore
080 66000666


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