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#AbHarWishHogiPoori with Flipkart is a campainge for foodbloggers to express and tell what is their wish. what will they purchase from Flipkart for themselves, family or a friend. When Flipkart asked me what was my wish?

All of us want to lead a healthy and smart life. As a food Blogger I have to cater to my audience and keep them updated with the newest, fastest and healthier menu options. Its been 4 years since I purchased usha halogen oven. Usha halogen is a life saver when ever I'm baking, roasting or grilling for my family. 

Why Usha Halogen?
Coming from a foodie family my parents/relatives loved home cooked delights, from Kababs to biryani, desserts and so on...I still remember my nanamma preparing deep fried goodies during weekends oh it was such a joy as a kid to savor these delicious kababs...We were least bothered about the intake of oily goodies...

Then came a shocker in mid may of 2000. My family was in deep pain and this crisis took a toll on everyone my mom who was somewhat healthy got a massive heartattack and was rushed to fortis hospital where she was lying in a very serious condition. Her main artery was blocked and she needed to be treated asap this was a wake up call for the entire family.. 

Long story short after her surgery we had to cut down on all the good old oily stuff and start eating healthy meals. Deep fried dishes was no longer an option for us we had to stick with healthy veggies and occasional grills from the restaurant. Always ordering for tandoori dishes from the restaurant was not budget friendly and it was our only way to satisfy our craving for kababs...

We totally enjoyed the tandoori dishes from the dhaba our love grew everyday for tandoori and less oil grilled goodies...This made me want to own a charcoal BBQ at home which is practically not possible to own in a small living space. 

One day while window shopping I found Usha halogen oven there was a demo going on was so impressed with this oven and purchased it and did the right thing...this is a wonderful gadget to use, once you get to know all the features there are many possibilities to change the way we eat...My fellow blogger writes all about fit band do visit her blog in this chain http://www.stilettomaniac.com/

Since I get many queries on a regular basis about usha halogen i would like my audience and followers to get this oven as a giveaway I want 3 lucky winners to experience easiest fastest way to fry french fries with less oil, bake thin crust pizzas, grill tandoori chicken with out butter all of this can be created with in a fraction of time and money...Eat eat and repeat without guilt. Please Do not skip and find ways to ignore food. Food is god...

Basil Garlic Chicken Tikka (Lasooni Basil Murgh Tikka) baked in usha Halogen oven

After all the efforts and investment on gym and health equipment we need to eat right. Eating healthy should not be an option its most needed in today's lifestyle... there are many nutritional books and remedies to curb our diet. According to me we are all different and have different lifestyle. we can certainly change a few things here and there. Starting with regular walks and exercise, eating healthy(less oil), drinking plenty of water/fluids and sleeping atleast for a minimum of 8 hours..

How does Usha Halogen work?
The functions are quite straight-forward; as soon as you have the Halogen Oven plugged in, you can put it to task. Since the entire body is made of glass you can see the food being cooked from all angles. Also as soon as you hit start, the oven sends out an orange glow, which will light up your whole room. Unlike the microwave, in which you can use only specific utensils to cook food, in the Halogen Oven by Usha, you can use any utensils, be it steel, bone china, melamine, glass or anything else that you fancy.

Usha halogen cooks for 4 to 6 people at once the oven can be cleaned easily its compact and affordable. The  features not so attractive, but feather touch buttons are easy use. All of us love those juicy french fries, pizzas and burgers this oven cooks all of this in a giffy and without oil. Its so easy to bake cakes and exotic desserts and yummy tandoori once you have done all the preparations it hardly takes 20 to 30 minutes to cook. The see thru glass helps us to view the product we are cooking apart from cooking the oven can be used for defrosting meats and frozen products. Usha Halogen oven comes with a DVD and online instructions. 2 grill racks for bakes Usha Halogen Oven is priced Rs. 7,193.

Over all a neat a sturdy product easy to handle and will suggest everyone to give this oven a try.

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  1. Mmm, this looks delicious! Thanks for sharing. I think I just found my breakfast for tomorrow…
    Chowranghee Lane Rajender Nagar



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