Chicken Sliders Recipe (Mini Chicken Burgers)

Chicken Sliders are my favorite can be prepared with less oil, no butter or cheese a tasty yet healthy snack. The chicken patty can be prepared ahead of time after cooking the patty it can be frozen reheated and used when ever your on the go.

I also used a healthy diabetic bun for this recipe these buns are prepared with methi (Fenugreek leaves) and its in bite size portions. If you cannot find methi buns you can use a regular burger bun. regular bread can also be used cut bread slices using cookie cutter toast and then prepare sliders.

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Ingredients to Prepare Sliders:
Methi Buns or Dinner rolls
250 Gram Chicken Breasts
1 Tbsp Ginger and Garlic Paste
1 Medium Onion
1 Tbsp Worcestershire sauce 
1 Beaten EGG
250 Grams Bread Crumbs
1 1/2 Tbsp Chilly Powder
Salt as per taste
Oil as required

To prepare ColeSlaw:
Thinly Sliced Cabbage 1 Cup
Thinly Sliced Carrots 1 Cup
1/2 Cup Hung Yogurt 
Salt as per taste
Coriander and mint optional

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  • Peel and chop onion. wash the chicken and chop into chunks.
  • Add the onion and chicken into a mixer jar grind to form a smooth mince do not add water while grinding pulse twice then run the mixer for 1/2 minute on one speed the mince will be done.
  • Transfer the mince to a mixing bowl add ginger and garlic paste, chilly powder and worcestershire sauce mix well add salt as per taste mix thoroughly allow the mince to marinate for 1/2hr.

  • Using a cutlet mould I took portions of the marinated mince and created uniform patty.
  • Dipped in beaten egg then rolled the patty in bread crumbs.
  • Heat a pan on low flame add 1 tsp oil gently place the patty allow to fry for 5 minutes on each side flip and fry the patty till cooked and crisp.
  • Reserve the patty on a paper towel till the slaw is prepared.
  • Since the hung yogurt is chilled i do not prefer to refrigerate the veggies. add the veggies to a mixing bowl with the yogurt and salt mix well and its good to go.
  • Place the patty in the bun and top with slaw serve hot with baked potato wedges and enjoy...:)

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