On a Date with George Calombaris @JW MARRIOTT Bengaluru

Zomato and Gold Rush Entertainment hosted one of a kind cookout/tasting session for food enthusiasts and Press/media on 14th Aug at JW Marriott Bengaluru.

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George apparently visited Bangalore as part of a tour to unveil "The GC Collection" on Zomato. What is GC Collection? A list of restaurants in 12 cities globally, are choosen to showcase few of george's favorite dishes on the menu creating a one of a kind experience in all the top listed restaurants for more info visit Zomato app and website. 

Zomato will showcase the fine dining options across Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, Auckland, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, London, Dubai and Newyork.

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George hates Indian food in Australia and that was news to me. After watching so many Australian shows on television like food safari etc showcasing Indian food my thought was our Indian cuisine has made waves across the continent and people seemed to love it...my perception proved wrong..

George says the flavor taste and method to create original Indian food is in India no one can perfect it or can recreate the same as India that moment made me feel so proud of my country..oh my I'm so lucky. George says food for me is religion, It's who I am, Food is my passion and I love cooking. It's nothing but serving love on the plate". On that note we started our tasting session it was a 3 course meal George and his team tickled our taste buds with signature dishes at the tasting session...Ouzo Cured Salmon, Miso Eggplant, Softshell Crab Souvlaki, Salted Caramel Rice pudding almond butter with rice icecream.

Ouzo Cured Salmon, Miso Eggplant

Stuffed Bell Pepper with Pilaf and Eggplant Miso

Softshell Crab Souvlaki with Honey Lime sauce

Onion Tempura Wrap with Honey Lime 

Salted Caramel Rice pudding, Almond Butter with rice icecream.

What I loved in the tasting session was Softshell Crab Souvlaki, Salted Caramel Rice pudding almond butter with rice icecream

Finally a Pic with George...Pic Courtesy Shiju's Photography

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