Licious Chefs Table @Slurp Studio Indiranagar Bengaluru

Licious delivers fresh meats and fish to your door step...How does that sound?? Quite intriguing!! The newly launched meat delivery brand Licious invited me for a cookout at the slurp studio Indiranagar, Bengaluru. More than the cookout I was curious, to see the meat quality, and what they had to offer...

I'm a person who loves market walks, and bargains. when ever it comes to shopping for meat, the local butcher's here in bangalore do not give what ever cut you want, they charge regular price for all the cuts. And there are days when I cannot do this market rounds, since I tend to travel a lot. And there are days, when we have unexpected guests and cant do a 5 minute shopping on a busy working day...I was so impressed with the meat quality, we will for sure be using their delivery soon...

At Licious all meats and fish are cleaned in the most hygienic way, they are not frozen, thumbsup for that. The cut meats are vacuum sealed, labelled and temperature controlled, they even guarantee a 90-minute delivery time only if the product is in stock....

Abhay Hanjura Founder and CEO 

Why did you start Licious? When we saw the consumer, who had to travel all the way to the market, spent a lot of money, and by the end of the day the consumer does not get the right quality and quantity of meat. as per his/her requirement, that's when I and my partner Vivek wanted to start licious. Our approach is practical, We wanted our consumer to get the best cut meats..Home Delivered..

We did not want to stop with just offering  cut meats...we also have whole new consumers today, who are looking for marinated meats...bachelors, working women, senior citizens and so on...who want to open the fridge pull out a box of our marinated meats. grill it and serve it  hot to their loved ones...  

Currently in the marinated section we are offering Caribbean Chicken, Mustard Chicken, Adraki Tikka, Lamb Meat Balls with Jalapeños and Cheese, Rosemary and Garlic lamb chops, Peri Peri Chicken legs, The Lebanese chicken, which can be grilled on a tawa or oven with very little oil...none of our marinated meats or cut meats are frozen.

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Chef Joe Manavalan

Chef Joe was our judge, and also helped with many tips at the cook out. Chef Joe's tip was about adding something acidic to whatever we cook to make it finger licking good example oranges,balsamic vinegar or lime. 

Caribbean Chicken, Carolina Mustard Chicken, Peri Peri Chicken legs, Spicy Chicken Wings  
The Lebanese chicken, Adraki Tikka,  Rosemary and Garlic lamb chops, Tandoori Chicken

  Lamb Meat Balls with Jalapeños and Cheese, Country Captain Lamb.. 

Chicken Malai Tikka, Chicken Meatballs with Olives and Cheese, Chicken Tikka

After we got to know the team behind licious we started our cookout. My team consisted a tech blogger, who is also an avid food review writer, creative photographer/blogger, a pilot and then my dad none of these guys, had a clue what we are gonna cook...terrified with my team strength, I chose a simple shortcut no fuss recipe, and the guys need not do a thing...I chose prawns and pasta since the chef gave all the teams a task to cook mains with starch..Guess what! we were the first team to complete the dish under 10 minutes...

Garlic Butter Prawns with Ravioli: Hrish is pointing at the prawns which he did not clean...all I had to do was wash them and drain the excess was pre-cleaned and packed by Licious..Shiju the photographer who never comes in front of cam is trying to stir the finely chopped garlic and chilies and pose for me...

Finally we got the dish togeather by finishing with cream herbs and chilly flakes it came togeather really well and tasted too good...I must thank Hrish who suggested we must add cream to finish our dish it was truly amazing very tasty and buttery..

Pics courtesy: Hari Camala 

Truly A great meal begins here...we totally enjoyed the cookout loved what everyone cooked and served...The meats and fish were fresh juicy and very tender did not have a funky smell all meats were fresh...I also loved the peri peri chicken it was juicy and very tasty...Overall delivering fresh cut meats to the consumer is a wonderful concept and appreciate the service at those most needed time of our lives... Visit for more info..


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