The Baking Company @Brigade Millennium JP Nagar Bengaluru

The Baking Company is a kiosk located at the Brigade Millennium. The Bakery has a lot to offer freshly baked pastries, breads, sandwiches, cookies of all kinds, gluten free cakes, smoothies, hot coffee and tea...

The bakery was initially opened for their club members and residents after a huge success and demand they have plans to expand the kisok across Bengaluru. The Baking Company hosted us last week, I thoroughly enjoyed the freshly baked goodies..

 Jowar banana muffin, Breakfast muffin called Morning Glory, Millet and nuts cookies, Kiwi cake were my picks form the bakery...All products are created and baked with butter not margarine. They also take orders for custom cakes and cupcakes. They try and avoid colors  and preservatives...instead use beet-juice for red velvet cakes and so on... 

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Jowar and Nuts Cookies: This cookie is gluten free prepared from durra flour the combination of nuts and butter in this cookies were awesome..

Millet Almond Cookies: These cookies are prepared with ragi and wholewheat.

Melting Moments: My childhood favorite cookie loved the crunchy corn flakes on top..

Masala Cookies: These masala cookies were prepared with chillies thyme and curry leaves.. 

Morning Glory:This is a breakfast muffin prepared with apples carrots cinnamon and almonds packed with flavors..tasted really good with orange marmalade..

Jowar Walnut Banana Muffin:The Durra flour banana muffin was too good planning to recreate this for my blog its a perfect snack for kids adults and health freaks...

Cutting Chai

Red Velvet Cake: This Cake had all natural ingredients in it color from beet juice packed with chocolate flavor.


Chicken Roll: This wrap was prepared with whole wheat roti base filled with shredded chicken.

Spinach and Corn Sandwiches

Chicken Sandwiches

Vegetable Roll

Paneer Sandwiches

Minced Chicken and Vegetable Puff

Strawberry Smoothie

Carrot Cake

We also got to interact with the chefs who create these yummy goodies. Carrot cakes are one of those goodies which are in great demand during tea time Chef Anbu and team created a yummy carrot cake for us do look into the video for recipe along with measures #BakingHappiness

Kiwi Cake 

Coffee Mousse Cake

Chocolate Brownie Blast

I must Thank our generous and gracious host Charu Ramiah and Vineet Verma...An evening well spent with friends...

Finally a Pic with the team...

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