Hokey Pokey Super Permium Icecreams @Kormangala Bengaluru

Hokey Pokey is an ice cream parlour brand which was started by Drums Food International Private Limited in Mumbai...Recently launched hokey pokey icecreams at koramangala Bengaluru, invited me to taste some creative concoctions from their menu.

I'm a girl who chooses one kind of simple scoop icecream looking at the numerous toppings and mix-ins it was bit overwhelming.

This is an  Icecream created by an Indian, formula not sold abroad. Hokey Pokey premium icecreams are pure veg icecreams only available in India...I must say WOW totally amazed at the entire concept of a veg icecream plus this is much better and safer option to entertain anyone under a budget over weekend or any-day.

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Why do hokey pokey call themselves a Super premium ice cream brand? The icecreams are created with pure buffalo milk. Natural ingredients are sourced from across India to flavor the icecreams like Vanilla and coffee beans are sourced from Coorg, alphonso mango pulp from Ratanagiri as well as panchgani and so on...

What makes it even more special is Hokey Pokey Icecreams offers you the freedom of expression to experiment different mix-ins mixed with your favorite scoop on a cold stone and served in a super crispy freshly made waffle bowl/cone. 

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Coming back to my tasting session, After glancing at the most delectable menu I did not want to divert my attention from chocolate, anything and everything should start with a chocolate in my opinion so it was double chocolate therapy for my first order I absolutely enjoyed the medley of flavors from Dark Belgian Chocolate icecream+ brownies+blended hazelnuts+dark chocolate fudge Oh my the best of all was inside this yummy scoop I could eat it all day if I had a chance...The choice is pure indulgence, I cannot stress more...

Next came the Strawberry Cheese Cake NY Style Made from fresh Panchgani Strawberry icecream + vanilla cookie served in a waffle cup. I've never tasted anything like this before this was like a cheese cake in icecream form extraordinarily delicious. All of a sudden I was in this veg wonderland what ever I tasted made out of eggs like cookie, waffles and cheese cakes had no eggs amazing this was truly an exotic treat.

My Blogger friend ordered a mint cookie monster icecream it was prepared with natural mint icecream, oreo cookie and chocolate brownie this icecream was packed with flavors people who prefer mint will love the combo.

Few signature stone creations:

- Fussy French Vanilla
Made from Real Vanilla beans from Coorg

- Mad King Alphonso
Made from real Ratnagiri Alphonso mangoes

- Double Chocolate Therapy
Dark Belgian Chocolate icecream+ brownies+blended hazelnuts+dark chocolate fudge

- Knight in Armor
French Vanilla icecream+Oreo+dark chocolate chips+dark chocolate fudge

- Live and Laugh Brownie Break
Fresh cream icecream+brownies+roasted cashews+dark chocolate fudge

- Verry Verry Berry
Made from fresh Panchgani Strawberry icecream+jujubes

- Manic Monkey
Chocolate Temptation icecream+almonds+crunchy praline+white chocolate fudge flakes

- Black Forest Blend
French Vanilla icecream+Cherry confiture+brownies+dark chocolate fudge

- Café Mocha Magic
Coffee icecream made from real coffee beans +Dark fudge + caramel swirls

Apart from icecreams Hokey Pokey also serves Swirl shakes, Bubbly iceberg drinks and Pure Greek style Yogurt (Epigamia) Parfaits on the menu.

Hokey Pokey is spread across 15+ Locations  at all major cities in India, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Hyderabad, Jalandhar and Chandigarh. I highly recommend this place for all ice cream lovers It is not just an ice-cream...it is a creation!

Do visit Hokey Pokey:
#8,1st Cross, 5th A block, Koramangala 5th Block, Bangalore.

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