A decade ago discovering gourmet food was difficult and there was no unified platform to search and order for them to be delivered at our convenience . Fast forward to present, technology has made our lives easy and it is now so simple for us to order freshly prepared gourmet food via mobile app. 

I got an invite to visit the app kitchen which launched on Nov 27th 2015. Hopping Chef is India’s first Chef Lead Food Ordering and Premium Catering business. Founded in 2014. Hopping Chef a  luxurious concept of dining being  a unique dining service entails one an opportunity to bring a top quality chef to your home and create bespoke menus that would usually be offered only at a few top restaurants in the world. 

Hopping Chef now enters into a new vertical of India’s first Chef curated ready to eat meal, the "Hop Box". Hop Box (a ready to eat 5 course meal) are specially curated by our in-house master chefs. These meals are prepared and boxed in air sealed containers that keep the food fresh and ready to heat and eat when delivered. We offer healthy meal options as well that are verified by qualified nutritionists. 

The Hop Box is offered as a 5 course meal consisting of salad, appetizer, entree, mains and desserts. Hopping Chef  has curated cuisines ranging from Asian, Middle Eastern, European, Modern Indian and soon to be launched American Bistro.

Hopping Chef has its own You Tube channel where our Chefs cook up their best meals  and share their secrets with the viewers Please subscribe to Hopping Chef Youtube channel to find out, "The Making Of Every Hop Box Cuisine". 

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Green Bean Salad

Starters: Kacche Aam aur kale ki tikki, Galouti kabab, Mixed vegetable peanut tikki...

Malai Murgh Tikka

Thai Grilled Mushrooms 

Indian Box: Rosemary Murugh Malai, Nawabi Ghosht Ki Tikki, Mumfali Seekh and Kacche Aam Aur Kele Ki tikki

Awadi Dhaniya Murgh, Nizami Paneer Hara Pyaaz, Sakarkand Shimla Mirch Ka Salad, Ananrdana Shahi Pulao, Reshmi Malai Paratha.

Lebanese Box: Pesto Hummus, Pita Bread, Chickpeas Salad, Falafel bullets and Exotic Vegetables or Hummus, Pita Bread, Chickpeas Salad and Mushroom Bell Pepper.

Asian Box:  Asian Greens and Beans Salad, Thai Grilled Mushrooms, Thai Coconut Green Chutney and Burnt Garlic Rice.

Thai Greens and Bean Salad, Chicken Sweet and sour, Thai Red Chicken Curry and Star Anise and Scallion rise.
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Desserts: Quabani Ka Meeta, Explosive Orange Rabdi

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