Review - 100% Organic Pulpy Fruit Juice From Organa

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I've recently been testing out many fruit juices in the market for juicing in summer and for detox. When Organa approached me I was thrilled and excited to test their brand.

To my surprise Organa fruit juices are 100% organic no preservatives, artificial colors or flavors added. Organa comes in 4 different flavors apple, mango, mixed fruit and guava. 

Only the apple juice is crisp and clear...other fruit juices have fruit sediment which needs to be poured in a jar and mixed or we need to shake the bottles well before serving. These fruit juices are pulpy and can be served straight from the bottle.

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Organic juice is like liquid sunshine which hydrates our metabolism. As Indians we would settle down for a tangy lime or musambi juice these are the only fruits which is grown wild and organic here. Growing children, adults and expecting mothers absolutely do not have many choices or source for 100% organic product.

Organa has given back to the community providing us with rich in minerals, nutritional energy drink for the day. This product is made in India. The product comes in 500 ml pet bottles priced at 50 to 60 rupees. 

It might seem slightly over priced for the product. Looking at the conventional farming methods that the company has adapted which wants to produce a product being anti adultery its worth every penny for the efforts and future.

The conversion today is all about generation gap and today's living standards. What I feel our younger generation is in search of...lost traditions and they are slowly but surely adapting and following back our roots which we have forgotten. we have become more industrial in living. Companies like Organa has done a commendable job following back the roots which is forgotten. 

We need to understand first for good health requires healthy food. Choosing the right product and food for the family should and always be our priority...Live...Life...Healthy.

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