Chef Nimish Bhatia's Aspect Cuisine at Nimisserie - Bengaluru

I was hosted by Nimisserie to taste one of a kind aspect cuisine. Chef Bhatia has curated a modern come seasonal tasting menu with a touch of innovation where guests get to choose from a 5 to 8 course menu designed with clean, simple, innovative, dishes packed with full of flavors.  

What is Aspect cuisine? Aspect cuisine is a composition of stylish Indian food, fused with modern culinary. The dishes consist of flavors and taste that are created with fresh, dehydrated, or frozen fruits, flowers, vegetables and meats which are meticulously combined to create the ultimate tasting experience.

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Ambiance at Nimisserie is posh with glass-clad wine cellar entrance, following three emblematic open-viewing stations: The Kebaberie – a rotator tandoor suspended horizontally, The Naanerie – a wood fired oven, dishing out breads, The Tawakerie – an open aspect-inspired take on the flat grill. 

In addition to open seating, Nimisserie also offers three secluded private dining spaces that can accommodate from 8 - 12 guests.  

Papri Chaat Amuse Bouche

We started our tasting session with nostalgic Indian starters served with a twist.  first starter was crispy corn chip topped with blue cheese, garnished with granada juice and olive oil caviar.

Fresh watermelon and orange juice

Chilled Melon Samosa

Chilled Melon Samosa was second starter it was very unique in terms of presentation and the entire dish which was constructed thin sheets of melon was filled with avocado, chilies and cheese sprinkled with hibiscus seasoning and served with 2 different chutneys...

Nakhalawi Galauti

Third starter was puff pastry filled with spiced lamb mince. The spicy lamb mince was perfectly cooked inside surprisingly the pastry was not soggy. This kabab was baked to perfection.

Chicken Breasts, Apples, Argula, with Marigold, dehydrated pineapple and Basil Salad

After wonderful starters we tasted a rather colorful, fresh and smoky salad served in a unique martini glass..shredded chicken, with fresh herbs, apples topped with toasted flax seeds, melon seeds and pine nuts it was certainly a work of art in a salad form...apart from being delicious i was intrigued with different ingredients used to create a healthy flavorful salad... 

Herb Chicken Broth

Chicken Confit 

Jellified tomato soup topped with shredded chicken and marigold looked ultramodern the chicken broth was served in a french press once the soup was poured over the assortments the flavors was awesome quite refreshing and tasty...

Dhokla Prawns

Traditional Gujarati Chickpea cake topped with prawns was very unusual I liked the prawn and dhokla separately not combined this was not my dish it was two very different flavors and taste that never combined...
Hajmola Chuski

Hajmola chuski was a palate cleanser prepared from mango, tamarind and black salt a very sour Popsicle...

Truffle Oil Chicken Tikka stuffed into a Deele Aate Ki Paratha and served with a Makhani Sauce.

Pork Ribs with Crispy Sweet Potatoes, Keema Biryani and Salana

The mains were good I  liked the pork ribs, keema biryani and salana over all it was a very unique experience for me loved the combination of different ingredients cooked  and plated to create wonderful work of art. Chef Bhatia has truly created one of a kind experience for his guests...

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 120, Off Wood Street, Ashok Nagar, Brigade Road, Bangalore
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