What is KFC CHIZZA No Crust All Chicken? Chizza is all new KFC Product marinated succulent chicken tenders are breaded and deep fried and then topped with cheese and pizza toppings and broiled till cheese has melted  whole some chicken pieces are not only filling tastes really good  this is a yummy concept young and old will surely enjoy.  

Here is my story at KFC...My Dad was feeling little under the weather, and was snuggling in all day by evening he was really restless and feeling bored and I had this KFC gift card the PR sent me. Around 7 pm I asked my dad if he was interested to try some chicken with out any complains he got dressed and we headed to nearest KFC. 

We thought since its close to closing time there wont be any crowd which was wrong assumption the place was packed and adding to the rush hour there was technical issues with the generator and exactly when my turn came to order the chizza the power was off. 

The staff managed the situation really well and gave my order we also had some peri peri chicken the power supply was very tricky it was on and off the crowd mounted fast forming a huge line. we some how got the order and managed to take a table in dark and enjoyed the snack in candle light this was truly amazing experience for me and dad at KFC.

 We liked the chizza so much and had to go in for second order by this time the power was restored and my order went through and the power got cut exactly when they wanted to withdraw my gift card the process of waiting started and I got my second order as well the power supply was still not restored. 

With all the Chaos around Dad enjoyed the chizza everything was sorted and I went to pay my bill after waiting for almost an hour the manager came upto me and said Mam you were patiently waiting and I've spoken to my higher-ups this meal is completely on us please do visit us again and so sorry for the inconvenience...It was a surprise for me and dad we appreciate KFC for this gesture and will go back for more... 

KFC Krushers  is new addition they have many flavors we chose mango flavor in regular serving and loved the creamy milk shake it was quite filling and very tasty.

 Chizza topped with cheese onion and capsicum...

 Peri Peri Chicken...

Daddy Enjoying some Chizza..
It's always a pleasure to see parents taste and enjoy new stuff as they don't get to go out often. Dad is hooked to KFC now he says the pricing is affordable and wants to try some more stuff here.

More info Visit https://www.kfc.co.in

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