Thyme and Mint Tea (Moroccan Mint Tea Recipe)

Thyme and mint tea is served at a very famous restaurant/cafe called Alibaba located in Fraser town Bangalore. They call it as Moroccan tea pot serves 5 and is super soothing.  I must thank alibaba team for sharing this recipe with me. 

This tea will give instant relief for people suffering from headache, stomach pain, cold, sore throat, fever and indigestion. This tea is a miracle drug for me has cured all my minor alignments.

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1 Bunch Fresh Mint Leaves
1 Bunch Fresh Thyme or 3 Tbsp Dried Thyme
4 Tbsp Sugar or Honey
4 Cups Water
3 to 4 Green Tea Bags...

Method: Bring water to rolling boil add sugar and melt the sugar. Pick and wash the greens thoroughly. Add the tea bags to the water and steep the tea lower the flame add mint and thyme bring to a rapid boil switch off the flame and place a cover allow the tea to rest for a minute and serve hot in shot glasses...Enjoy...:)


  1. This is something new, this herbal tea with mint and thyme is really good for health.



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