Five Stars for Hot Dogs @Five Star Chicken

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Five Star Chicken offers yummy Mexican and Italian flavor hot dogs for its demanding Indian Customers. Not many QSR serve hot dogs across Bengaluru...even if they do its always with loads of toppings I'm not familiar with not to forget its really pricey. 

Five star chicken Italian and Mexican hot dogs are prepared with freshest of ingredients from chicken to herbs. These sausages are bursting with amazing flavors grilled sausages are served on hot fluffy buns topped with tangy tandoori sauce these hot dogs are a winner. 
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Mexican and Italian Hot dogs

Mexican Hotdog:  Spicy Mexican Sausage is made out of fresh  juicy chicken meat with Mexican flavor grilled and place on fresh hot bus topped with jalapenos and served with tandoori sauce will make your taste buds ask for more and more.

Italian Hotdog: Italian Sausage is made of fine herbs and filled with cheese to mesmerize one into the flavors of Italy served with hot & Smokey tandoori sauce served on hot and spongy bun topped with onions is yum.

Fried Chicken: Crunchy Masala, Thai Crispy, Hot and Smokey

Fried chicken is always my favorite five star chicken prepares one of the best fried chicken on a budget its one of those snacks that can never go wrong my favorite and must try are thai crispy and crunchy masala.

Burgers: Hungry Bird burger and Yummy Veg Burger

This was my first time tasting veg burger from five star chicken I loved the burger, crispy potato patty was perfect enjoyed every bite.

Masala French Fries

Overall The hot dogs were juicy and filling I liked the fact that five star chicken is offering best hot dogs one can get in town at an affordable price point. 

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