Last Shot At A Fresh Start - Morning Fresh (Product Review)

To all you party animals out there, Did you drink just a Little to much last night...left with a hangover and cannot reach office in time??? Don't get stressed. You can party hard and still feel fresh the next morning. Here is all natural product called Morning fresh your hangover remedy that helps to eliminate the alcohol content in your blood which helps you to start morning fresh.

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Mitali Tandon Co-Founder and Head Marketing of Morning fresh.

Mitali's passion and love for innovation has been instrumental in ensuring that Morning Fresh becomes a name to reckon with in Bangalore. This 25 year old is driven, always on the go and is ready to explore new avenues. Mitali, the young entrepreneur has always had an eye for detail. She has been able to understand the lifestyle of her target audience and thus come up with Morning Fresh. 

Mitali, along with a skilled team of experts has been constantly 
exploring ways to satisfy her customers with the product. This is a unique formulation which has active ingredients derived from Silk protein that naturally breaks down the alcohol content in the human body.

Mitali Tandon along with a skilled team of experts has been constantly exploring ways to satisfy her customers with the product. This is a unique formulation which has active ingredients derived from Silk protein that naturally breaks down the alcohol content in the human body.

Born and brought up in Bangalore, Mitali finished her schooling from the city, post which she moved to the University of Kent, UK to study Criminology and Social Policy for 3 years. Coming back she worked with a non-government organization and helped them fundraise for two years. She also spent a year with the PWC in the Forensics Department before she decided to come up with the enterprise. 

Mitali aims at making Morning Fresh an integral part of people’s life . She is also looking to partner with major players in the industry like restaurants, retail outlets and thus become the best in the business. Built with heart and soul, Morning Fresh is Mitali's baby, which aims to give the party goer a unique experience with a product that is natural, safe & healthy. She also believes that while passion is the driving force behind achieving one’s dreams, it is imperative 
that we focus on the sustainability and feasibility of an idea as well. 

Then rope in the drive, the physical presence and you have, what you call, a completely explosive scenario that is poised for success. With this venture, Mitali strives to be the best in the industry and keep setting new benchmarks with each experience. Friendly, humorous, immaculately dressed and articulate, she makes you feel at ease. Her optimism and go-getter attitude is contagious. A self-confessed travel freak, swimmer, foodie, adventure junkie she constantly innovates in her professional and personal life to gain more out of life.

After a cycle of scientific backing, approvals, certification from FSSAI and  trials Morning Fresh was ready to hit the market and thus bring about a refreshing change. Headquartered in Bangalore, Morning Fresh currently wants to find and establish its footing in Bangalore with an experience and product like never before.  Post that the enterprise is looking at expanding Pan India.

Morning Fresh Video:

Morning Fresh is a unique formulation created by Sericare; A Division of Healthline Pvt Ltd; an established company that are pioneers in the field of sericulture and have successfully used silk as a bio material in several applications. 

Sericare has been working with silk proteins for over six years and they are now particularly excited by its non-textile applications in the form of Morning Fresh. Silk is one of the most eco-friendly materials that can be used for both internal and external consumption. It has been proven many times over that this material is naturally biocompatible, non-allergenic, non-toxic and has potential implications in therapeutic and nutritional fields.

It was important to find an application that was natural, safe and aided in detoxification, so a formulation was derived using that specific fraction of silk protein, along with other natural antioxidants like mulberry leaf extract and vitamins to help safely and rapidly detoxify the effects of alcohol and reduce hangover effects.

Just drink a 60 ML shot of morning fresh after party just before going to bed. Morning Fresh contains key amino acids from silk protein that help reactivate ADH. Reactivation of ADH means faster elimination of alcohol from the blood stream. 

Increase in metabolism of alcohol also means the generation of free radicals. These free radicals effectively gets scavenged by antioxidant amino acids, and natural antioxidants present in Morning Fresh resulting in detoxification of the system. This antioxidant action along with liver damage repairing amino acids present in Morning Fresh also helps in rejuvenation of liver. 

The net result is a minimization of the ‘hangover effect’ caused by toxic metabolites and free radicals. Morning Fresh aims at becoming a healthy and natural option for your lifestyle. "The most important component; contains certain peptide fragments of silk protein, which naturally breaks down the alcohol content thus helps overcoming hangovers. Morning Fresh currently competes with the home remedies to do away with hangovers."

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Morning Fresh should be the last drink of the night and the next morning would be fresh and spirited. Available in three flavors; Cola, Strawberry and Mint, this drink is here to revolutionize the party scene. Morning Fresh is priced at Rupees 100/- per bottle available on Amazon.


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