Lemon Grass Ice Tea Recipe

Lemongrass is a natural wonder drug during summer. This lemongrass tea helps relieve severe heart burns, indigestion and headaches during summer. Lemongrass is available at all super markets now a days its also available in dried format which is easy to store. My parents found instant relief from heart burns and breathlessness.  

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50 Grams or 3 Stocks  Lemongrass 
1/2 Cup Sugar
2 Fresh  Limes or 2 Tbsp Lime Juice
2 Tea Bags we can also use green tea
6 Cups Water

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Method: Chop the lemongrass into 3 inch pieces wash thoroughly and reserve.  Bring 6 cup water to a boil on medium flame add the lemongrass and sugar allow the lemongrass to infuse in the water for 10 minutes. 

Add tea bags to the lemongrass infused water and steep the tea in 5 minutes the tea would've reduced remove from flame cover and allow to cool in room temperature. 

Once the tea has cooled strain and add the lime juice stir chill the tea before serving add some ice cubes and serve chilled...Enjoy...:)

Tips: People who do not prefer adding refined white sugar to the tea they may substitute with palm sugar or honey. We can also add ginger to while steeping the tea ginger helps build appetite.


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