Mad Over Donuts, gives dessert lovers more reasons to rejoice! They are introducing new Signature Range of donuts in four gourmet international flavours that are sure to leave you spoilt for choice! Tiramisu, Salted Caramel,The Mocha Truffle and Vanilla Cheesecake donut.

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When ever MOD has new offerings they always make sure to ask me if I would like to taste some and without fail send me their seasonal gourmet donuts. I truly appreciate the dedication and love this team has they offer one of a kind donuts to consumers. 

They use a special variety flour mix for donuts its all sourced from Singapore apart from the flour these donuts do not have any eggs I always look for egg free snacks at home few of us are allergic to eggs and we keep purchasing their donuts as a tea time snack. 

Each and every donut is unique they are all dipped and decorated by hand none of these donuts are machine made. The batch of donuts are  not frozen none of these donuts are preserved over night its all freshly made.

To serve a super soft donut micro wave for 8 seconds they are the fluffiest bite of goodness you'll ever taste. I got to taste The mocha  truffle, Vanilla Cheese Cake, and Salted Caramel Donuts.

Over all I liked the creation and construction of all the 4 donuts my pick from the four offerings are the mocha truffle donut this donut had the perfect amount of sweet the bun was fluffy the truffle bits on top were gooey totally satisfied my craving. 

 Salted Caramel

 The Mocha Truffle

 Vanilla CheeseCake Donut

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