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Rajdhani needs no introduction they are masters in creating wonderful thalis for every season. Past 4 summers during mango harvest Rajdhani has been creating a mango thali. The various mango based dishes in one plate to wow their guests this thali is on high demand during summer. 

Normally Rajdhani features dishes from Rajasthan and Gujarat this year they have featured many southindian dishes on their menu. Special south-Indian dishes which were featured are Mampazham kuzhambu, Maanga pachadi, instant Maanga urugai and Maanga Chutney.

In southindia during summer i.e April to June we harvest many varieties of mangoes there are specific variety of mangoes which are meant for pickles and preserves like Avakkai, Kili mooku and so on...

Apart from the raw variety south also harvests a wide range of sweet mangoes used for desserts and many savory dishes some famous and largely used verities are Chakara kutty(sugarbaby), Malgova, Neelam, Mallika, Banganpalli, Malgova, Badami, Raaspuri and Alphonsa. 

Alphonso Mango is also largely grown towards Rantangiri located in Maharastra is considered the king of mangoes. Stepping up a notch Rajdhani wants their guest to taste mangoes from rantangiri they order alphonso mango puree from ratangiri which travels all the way from ratnagiri to bangalore via rajdhani express train. On my recent visit to rajdhani I got to know the entire operations how they procure certain produce truly fascinated me.

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Alphonso, Kili mooku, Chakara kutty, Malgova, and Mallika Mangoes were featured in rajdhani thail this year.

The Mango Thali

Aam Raas
Aam Raas is a simple dessert served during mango season its nothing but pureed Alphonso mango served with poori a fried bread the crispy bread and mango puree is favorite dessert for every Indian

Aam Panna
Raw mango cooler. Prepared with kili mooku mango in south raw sugar is used to prepare this drink its truly an energy booster and enhances the appetite.

Mango Lassi
Mango lassi is a prepared with mango puree and yogurt. Yogurt is widely known for its healthy pro-biotics, its also  great source of nutrition during summer.

Potli Kachori
Money Bag looking fried dough is popular snack across Asia. In India we fill the money bag with lentils or locally grown veggies which are braised and then filled these kachoris were crispy and spicy and served with kandhari chutney. 

Chilly Samosa
Spiced Peas are stuffed inside a spinach and mint warp and deep fried served with a mango dipping .

Mango Launji
Mango Launji is a chunky chutney can be preserved for day and served with spicy biryani.

Kili mooku Maanga Instant Pickle
Kili mooku name meaning parrots beak this varity mango has a funny name but the flavour and taste of kili mooku mango is sweet and sour. This pickle cannot be stored, rather prepared and eaten under a weeks time. This instant Pickle compliments all southindian main course meals specially curd rice.

 Mango and Carrot Salad
Julienne carrots and mango are tempered with mustard and dry chilly packed with flavors this salad complimented dhal dhokli. 

 Mamphazam Kuzhambu
This is a typical southindian dish predominantly prepared in Tamilnadu and Kerela. Ripe sugarbaby mangoes are used in this yogurt based curry served with steam cooked hot rice. 

Thenga Maanga Chammanthi
Coconut and mango chutney is a typical south Indian dish served with steam cooked rice or breads we also prepare this chutney for breakfast and serve it for Idly and Dosa.

Kandhari Chilly Mango Chutney
Kandhari meaning birds-eye-chilly and mango are slow cooked and then pureed, the puree is cooked again and allowed to reduce, this chutney can be preserved and served for snacks instead of ketchup this chutney was fiery hot was excellent with samosas. 

Mango and Pineapple Salad

Mango Pulao
Raw mango is tempered and topped on jeera rice. This pulao and mango launji combination was one of a kind tasting.

Mango Jelabi with Cardamom Custard
Ripe and Fleshy mango like malgova chunks are dipped in a batter and deep fried to create this dessert and served with a cardamom custard. When mango is fried the aroma and taste enhances soft centered mango and crispy shell was a winner.

Combination of two different cuisines north and southindian infused and various dishes prepared with a seasonal fruit was the highlight of this event. 

None of the dishes were oily, well balanced meal get there hungry there is a lot to taste and make sure to save some room for dessert. 

Overall after tasting...I was satisfied with the spread got to taste both the cuisines. The Aam Ki Thali will extend till June make sure you taste your share. Truly an amazing spread.

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