Cookout with Burrp @Bar and Grill, Marriott-Whitefield

Last week I received an invitation from Burrp for a cookout hosted at Marriott-whitefield, Bengaluru. This invitation meant a lot to me. Back in the days we did not have any food platform which used to highlight or feature only about food. Burrp were the pioneers who created all food platform for Indian audience in 2006. 

I remember reading reviews and comments on burrp before restaurant hopping, there are so many restaurants we visited just because of Burrp. Recently Burrp has also launched app for their users. I'm totally excited about this app we can post reviews on the go and do not have to wait and update our experience on burrp website.

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I'm very picky about apps and do not wish to clog my data space. Its just the 6 apps I'm constantly checking in Twitter, Insta, Whatsapp, Burrp, Ola and Facebook. 

I'm not a tech savvy person to talk and write a review on apps. Just a tip I can share, be smart when it comes to choosing apps select the apps which works for you they should be user friendly. I also make sure to clear my data space constantly and see how many times I've logged into the app, if its over a month then I uninstall the application. 

Coming to burrp app I found a lot of interesting stuff, once you start surfing...the app automatically shows restaurants near to your location and also offers instant ola cab booking option, they have great offers for the day listed and also keep posting events on a regular basis. My experience with burrp app has been okay so far I'm yet to explore more. 

The cookout started at newly launched  Poolside, Bar and Grill- Marriott, Whiteflield. Executive Chef Raheel Ahmad and his team grill and cook the meats at tikki hut style designed open air kitchen and bar. 

The kitchen and bar combination by itself is a very unique concept. The pool side lounge area is beautifully designed with reclaimed railway bunk wood and washed wood furniture. Lounge area is very calm and relaxing.

The open kitchen is a show stopper. Freshly baked ciabatta breads, fresh produce and herbs are on display. Guests seem to enjoy the ambiance and watch the action in the kitchen and bar while lounging in the pool area.

 Chef and his team were happy to accommodated us in their kitchen and wanted to show off some of their skills at the grill. We were totally impressed with the fresh ingredients used. Its all organic veggies used, and they also smoke the meats with apple wood which adds flavor to the grilled meats or veggies. I enjoyed the cocktails its perfectly paired with the grills. 

At the grill, I got to learn a simple herb grill chicken recipe which can be prepared under 10 minutes. Recipe for Herb grilled Chicken: We will need 500 grams chicken thighs with skin on, juice from 2 limes, rosemary, thyme and basil finely chopped, garlic finely chopped, chilly powder, olive oil, salt and pepper powder. 

Marinate the chicken with the mentioned ingredient and allow to rest for 1/2 hour before grilling. 

Prepare a charcoal grill or use a tawa and grill start to grill the chicken. The skin color should turn golden brown, then place the chicken in the oven to cook further for 5 minutes or until well done...Serve hot...Enjoy...:)

Ciabatta with Sundried tomato pesto

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Drinks we tasted: LOL- A refreshing drink made keeping our female clientele in mind wanting to serve them a cocktail that would be different from the usual pink sweet drinks meant for women. Using fresh cucumber and basil a naked drink meant for those looking for a healthy alternative while incorporating a lovable drink

United States of Whitefield- Deconstructed version of a mix of the classic cocktails old fashioned and Manhattan using a bitter Campari and orange herbed bitters to enhance the cocktail

Moscow Mule- A classic cocktail used as one of our signature drinks as it fits the ambiance of the restaurant perfectly. A vodka based drink topped off with ginger ale and a splash of lime. Served in a classic copper mug.

Marriott Whitefield Cosmopolitan- Our version of a deconstructed cosmopolitan incorporating a tangy fresh apricot flavor with citrus bursts served smoked with hickory

Food we tasted: Buratta salad- A very popular salad that is made using fresh tomatoes basil and olives incorporated together with father Michels homemade burrata an Italian cheese that has been locally producedSmoked beetroot- House smoked beetroot with fresh herbs and spices. Served with endive lettuce, and frisee. Freshly tossed with toasted walnuts, quinoa greens red wine shallots in a vinaigrette dressing.

Ceviche- A refreshing anti-pasti of poached red snapper cured in lemon juice spiced with chills, red onions and cilantro. Served with sweet pomegranate and fresh avocado.

Tomato, Feta cheese -Pesto Salad...

Pulled Pork Burger- Our signature dish of freshly made hand pulled pork topped with a generous slice of cheddar cheese brought together in a bamboo charcoal bun and served with a green apple slaw and fries.

Tandoori Seabass- Made with a traditional Bengal mustard marinade and cooked in our Indian clay pot served with homemade tadka pyaz, garlic yoghurt and mint chutney. Accompaniments include a Roti or Naan of the day and our signature Dal Makhni topped with butter.

Lamb Sheek Kebab- Minced lamb made with a traditional red marinade and cooked in our Indian clay pot coated with fresh mint and onions served with homemade tadka pyaz, garlic yoghurt and mint chutney. Accompaniments include a Roti or Naan of the day and our signature Dal Makhni topped with butter.

Butter Grilled Veggies...

Chocolate Sundae- A triple layered sinful delight for all chocolate lovers with milk chocolate mousse, Ecuadorian Chocolate Ice Cream, Salted Nuts and Fudge Brownie.

Pic Courtesy: Caroline Radhakrishnan

I also won the for 2 to dine at the Bar and Grill Marriott. Time well spent with blogger friends, I dont have a particular favorite dish to mention, every single dish was prepared  and presented with perfection. 

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Thank you Burrp and Marriott-Whitefield.

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