Hi Friends, Cafe Noir introduces FRENCH BOX comprising of products ranging from exquisite croissants and French macaroons to authentic quiches and baguettes. 

To enjoy authentic french bakes all you have to do is log on the to weblink http://frenchbox.cafenoir.co.in/ and click on "Create My Own Box" option add the products you want pay and exit. The products are delivered to your doorstep. 

Home delivery timings are between 7 am to 9 pm. One can also choose the time for the products to be delivered. If you pre book your order by 9 pm choose best time for products to be delivered next day and it will be shipped. All products are freshly baked everyday.

The online service had received a positive response from Bangalore residents, expatriates, and travelers. After collecting feedback from their customers, the FRENCH BOX Team is now adding two new and exciting features to their website; One Time Purchase and subscription box options.

Why subscribe to FRENCH BOX?
How often do you want your FRENCH BOX? Set yourself up for weekly or monthly deliveries of your favorite French foods.
Skip the ordering process and prepone or postpone a delivery with a few clicks!

For how many weeks/months do you want your FRENCH BOX?
Get an extra one for free at each multiple of 6, along with a special surprise!

You can choose to pay at each delivery. But you can also save 1% for each week/month of subscription,

up to 12% savings, when you pay your subscription in full on your first delivery.

I was contacted by the PR company who sent me a selection of products to taste and review. We personally liked all the products sent to us. 

If your a person who loves entertaining people this french box would be a wonderful add on to your existing food display like macaroons or quiches.

Some details cafe noir has to note is the packaging. Few products which was sent to me were mangled during delivery and I was unable to display on my blog. Individual packed boxes for tarts and few delicate products is recommended. 

Since there is a ban on plastic its getting tough for the food delivery industry to supply few product to their customers I can totally understand the issue but if a customer is organizing a event he or she would like to have perfect looking tarts and cookies.

Other than the packaging we had no issues with the products quiches were so tasty my dad and mom loved them. Here is what we tasted...

Pain aux Raisins (Danish Raisin)

A golden and lightly sweet pure butter puff pastry with raisins, cinnamon and one of the finest French crème pâtissière. Danish Raisin bread was packed with cinnamon flavor was flaky and very tasty with ginger chai. This is a tea time/breakfast product.

Quiche des Vosges

Quiches (pronounced keesh) are a type of open pie. Quiche des Vosges is an oven-baked savory dish filled with peas, green beans, red and yellow bell peppers, eggs and milk or cream in a puff pastry crust.

French Baguette

French Baguette tasted excellent with olive oil and balsamic vinegar...Perfect for people who enjoy wine pairing and cookouts...

Large Oats & Orange Cookie again an excellent tea time snack it has pure butter and raisins...

Daddy enjoying goodies from FRENCH BOX!

We enjoyed all the products. Thanks to the PR Person and Cafe Noir for sending us some goodies :)

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