I was offered to taste pizzas from PAPA JOHNS, via a known PR Company. I was practically ecstatic for all the free Pizzas, I'm gonna taste. 

I make a note of all the pizzas i wanted to order, like BBQ Chicken pizza, Corn and mushroom pizza and so on and kept dreaming about the order entire night. 

Next Day somehow ended up changing my mind completely and wanted to order only Indianised Pizzas. My quest was to find out if they have nailed all the flavors as mention on the pizza menu. 

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When it comes to western cuisine (specially Italian), they love flavors, natural taste and textures. I've tasted Pizzas at many places where the pizza sauce has basil flavor and topping would have garam masala this combination is something I've hated. 

Coming to papa johns order...I ordered spicy pepper roast pizza, Zaffran chicken Pizza, Slice of mumbai pizza, Chicken Fingers and Bread Sticks. We also ordered Lava cake and Chocolate mousse for dessert. 

Papa Johns Pizzas have tried their best to preserve the originality of the dish by using all natural and quality ingredients for their pizzas but by adding few ingredients to adapt local flavors and taste.

Next day my mail reached the PR and they made sure to ship out my order for lunch. The order reached us on time. 

We started to open the small packages containing starters. I also had a huge batch of tomato soup which we reheated and ate along with the pizzas.

Papas Chicken Strips: Pieces of chicken breast Slightly coated with bread and baked till crisp makes it a healthy starter its served with BBQ Sauce. 

We enjoyed these crispy chicken nuggets it was sightly moist inside bit bland for my taste. I was really surprised with the packaging these nuggets did not get soggy and were crispy.

Garlic Parmesan Breadsticks: Freshly baked breadsticks are a favourite snack at my house. Topped with signature Garlic sauce and Italian Parmesan seasoning and served with signature pizza sauce for dipping. 

Bread Sticks tasted amazing the crispy yet soft centered bread sticks went really well with some soup that we already prepared.

Spicy Chicken Pepper Roast Pizza: Is constructed using signature tomato pizza sauce topped with Chicken Tikka, fresh red onions, green capsicum and finished with 100% mozzarella cheese with a special spicy capsicum roast topping. 

This Pizza comes in (Regular 6 inches- Serves 1, Medium 9 inches- Serves 2, Large 12 inches- Serves 3)

Typical southindian flavors packed with garlic and chicken did not have overwhelming garam masala we also topped this pizza with generous sprinkling of chilly flakes and garlic onion seasoning which comes along with the pizza.

Zaffran Chicken Pizza: Topped with Mozzerella Cheese, Fresh Green Capsicum, Fresh Red Onions, Chicken Keema and Chicken Tikka topped with unique Zaffran sauce. 

This Pizza Comes in (Regular 6 inches- Serves 1, Medium 9 inches- Serves 2, Large 12 inches- Serves 3)

Chicken was added 2 ways tiny pieces and keema format. I enjoyed the mildly flavored zaffran chicken could've been bit spicy I liked it.

Slice of Mumbai: Is prepared using signature tomato based curry sauce, loaded with freshly cut tomatoes, topped with onion and 100% mozzarella cheese.

This Pizza Comes in (Regular 6 inches- Serves 1, Medium 9 inches- Serves 2, Large 12 inches- Serves 3)

I would suggest to add some extra toppings on this pizza. It was just a fluffy bread with curry sauce and cheese.

Chocolate Lava Cake: This cake was bursting with rich chocolate sauce it was all gone in minutes.

Chocolate Mousse there is no comments on the desserts it was excellent.
Overall enjoyed the fluffy bread pizzas. Toppings and sauces matched it was truly tasty. We also enjoyed the starters and Desserts. My order was for 2000/- its worth every dime we had enough leftovers to snack on for the next 2 days.

I must thank the PR company and Papa Johns for their generosity. Disclaimer there is no harm in eating free food and suggesting few details to brands. Readers and Public please respect the food blogging community. For further business please contact me at vidyascooking@gmail.com

Thanks to Papa Johns Pizza Yelahanka for the Service...

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