Tea Tasting @Sublime House of Tea, UB City Bengaluru

Asian countries are top producers of tea. The commercial production of tea was first introduced to India by the British, in an attempt to break the Chinese monopoly on tea. 

The British, "using Chinese seeds, plus Chinese planting and cultivating techniques, launched a tea industry by offering land in Assam to any European who agreed to cultivate tea for export. 

Tea was originally only consumed by Anglicized Indians, it was not until the 1950s that tea grew widely popular in India through a successful advertising campaign by the India Tea Board.

The British started commercial tea plantations in India and in Ceylon: "In 1824 tea plants were discovered in the hills along the frontier between Burma and Assam. The British introduced tea culture into India in 1836 and in Ceylon (Sri Lanka) by 1867. 

At first they used seeds from China, but later seeds from the clonal Assam plant were used. Only black tea was produced until recent decades.India was the top producer of tea for nearly a century, but was displaced by China as the top tea producer in the 21st century. 

I got to explore many different teas at Sublime House of Tea, located in UB City-Bengaluru recently. Tea tasting was my first and one of a kind experience so far in my food blogging career. 

Anamika Singh, a Tea-Taster by profession and Chef Michael Swamy put together limited edition tea infused drinks and food also gave us indepth knowledge on teas and different brews.

Sublime’s fine teas offer a mix of the classical to popular and the avant-garde from sought after bouquets such as Green Tea, Assam Tea and English Breakfast to intriguing localized brews like Moroccan Mint, and Seventh Heaven, eclectic admixtures like White Tea with Raspberry and the complex flavors of herbal tisanes like Rose in Bloom and Chamomile, there is a tea to suit every palate and occasion.

Anamika Singh

Chef Michael Swamy

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About Sublime Tea:
‘Sublime House of Tea’, started in 2013 by Uzma Irfan - Executive Director, Prestige Group and Founder, Sublime Galleria, is engaged in a perennial voyage to discover newer and better experiences of imbibing the divine brew of gourmet tea, while always staying in touch with its traditions and roots that date back to ancient times. ‘Sublime House of Tea’ is promoted by the Prestige Group and Sublime Galleria.

‘Sublime House of Tea’ has been credited with introducing certain flavours to the Indian market that were hitherto unavailable here, including exotic brews like Seventh Heaven, Wellness Brew and Green Long Ding, which are extremely sought-after in several places across the globe. 

Another differentiator is that the tea is packed in pyramid tea bags, rather than the regular filter paper tea bags, thus further enhancing the taste of the tea by giving the fullness of the liquor.

Sublime Range of Teas:
Blacktea: Wellness Brew, Seventh heven, Darjeeling, Earl Grey, Assam CTC, English Breakfast and Ginger Mint.

Green tea: Green Long Tea, Jasmine Mandarin, Morrocan Mint.

White and Herbal Tea: White with raspberry, Rose in bloom, Camommile

Limited Edition: White Sparkle, OP Supreme, Frost Tea

One can also Order Assorted tea box and Tea Chest both the options are excellent for gifting.

We started our tea tasting with Darjeeling tea. Tea Expert Anamika says tea must be sipped rather than slurping. There is no need to add milk, honey and sugar for added flavor or taste. 

Like a wine tea also has a pleasant aroma before sipping the tea smell and inhale the aromas of the tea and gently sip the tea to the sides of your tongue allow the tea to roll in your mouth for a quick second before drinking the fresh brew.

Sublime's Darjeeling tea leaves have a rich muscatel aroma with a floral finish. It is also referred to as 'Champagne of Teas',it has a light, flavorful and thoroughly distinctive taste it is the preferred staple of the tea connoisseur.

Per cup : 250 ML Water  to be at boiling point 90-95 °C remove water from flame and add 0.75 tsp tea or use a sublime tea bag which is already measured for per cup steep for 4-5 MIN before serving this is very important process to follow.

Next Tea was Sublime's Jasmine Mandarin are premium green tea leaves that have been infused with jasmine flower. As the delicate fragrance spreads from the steaming cup, underscored by the tangy edge of the green tea, you will find that both your mind and your palate are satiated with this extraordinary tea. Goes well with asian dishes.

Sublime's Jasmine Mandarin Tea was paired with green tea pesto crostini and salad...

Per Serving Boil 250 ML Water, Water temperature should be between 80-85 °C,  Add 0.75 tsp or use sublime tea bag to steep the tea for 2-3 MIN before serving...

Sublime will soon launch their line of accessories for tea brewing what caught my eye was this perfect tea timer...Yes we/I for sure need this to brew my tea this is a must have useful gadget for a tea lover.

What I really like about sublime teas are they give complete information about the tea and how to steep the tea on their website http://sublimehouseoftea.com/

Ingredients for tea pesto: Walnuts, oolong tea, garlic, ginger, pepper and salt...

Chef Michael Swamy paired pesto crostini and tea marinated chicken with all the teas.
Oolong Pesto Crostini with Salad on Side...The pesto crostini was spiked with ginger and garlic, flavors from green tea was sharp paired well with Jasmine Mandarin Tea.

Chef Michael Swamy says we can add oolong tea to a bottle of whiskey and allow it to sit for a week before serving. The strong notes of oolong infused whiskey was slightly bitter with a hint of sweetness and the end would perfectly match with white grilled meats.
Vodka in Bloom

Sublime's Rose in Bloom is a tisane flavoured with rose petals, liquorice, fennel & aniseed. Inspired by the rose gardens of Persia, this fresh brew will cool your body down and is an excellent digestive drink. This herbal blend can be had, either hot or chilled.

The Vodka infused with rose had a delicate flavor and taste. This drink would pair perfectly with sauteed mushrooms or Indian food.

Ingredients for tea infused chicken: Thyme, mandarin orange tea, pepper, salt, ginger and garlic.

Chicken Marinating in Tea...

We ended our tea tasting and cookout with chef Michael's Tea infused Chicken, pesto crostini with salad on side. I throughly enjoyed the tea tasting session and looking forward to host few corporate events soon.

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