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Drinking freshly brewed filter coffee with frothy milk is a early morning ritual for every southindian. The famous Indian filter kaapi, is made by mixing thickly boiled milk with the decoction which is served pipping hot with a layer of froth. We southindians are addicted to this frothy degree coffee. 

Normal southindian kitchen whoever is the headchef of the house mom/granny/daddy would start his or her day with brewing the coffee commonly referred as decoction...How is this prepared? Decoction is obtained by brewing finely ground coffee powder and hot water using a steel filter contraption.  

Filter Kappi

Coffee powder is packed into the filter and topped with hot water the freshly brewed coffee trickles down to the lower compartment of the filter and the strongest brew is referred as decoction. The drink known as Kaapi, is the South Indian phonetic rendering of "coffee". 

Filter Coffee Served in a terracotta glass...

People call the fresh brew with different names across India like...Mysore filter coffee, Kumbakonam degree coffee, Mylapore filter coffee, Chikkamangaluru kappi or Madras kaapi. Outside of India the term "filter coffee" may refer to drip brew coffee, which is a distinct form of preparing coffee. 

The most commonly used coffee beans are arabica and robusta. These are grown in different states of South India, such as in the hills of Karnataka (Kodagu, Chikkamagaluru, Hassan and Sakleshpura). 

I received an invite for a unique coffee tasting session at Harley Estate Office Bengaluru. The Classic Synergy, is a 150 year old coffee company based out of South India who has been winning the best gourmet coffee award from India for the last 4 consecutive years. 

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The coffee estates are spread across sakleshpura and chikkamangaluru, yielding the finest arabica and robasta beans in the region. The roasted and powdered coffee is avaiable on Amazon.com Classic Mountain and Classic Pride.

We started our tasting session at Harley estate coffeelab. Tapaswini Purnesh - Director (Marketing and Operation) at Classic Coffee featured 4 different brews paring with fruits and decadent desserts.

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Classic Mountain is 100% pure coffee, no chicory added, Shade grown coffee, High elevation coffee which has a distinctive natural flavor. One can taste the flavors and aromas by experimenting the brew by brewing the rich coffee using different contraptions.

Classic Pride - Is a blend of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans, Shade grown coffee, High elevation coffee. Suggested for filter coffee.

Chemax Coffee Filter

Our first brew of coffee was a mild body or light coffee. This coffee was brewed using a chemex. The brewing process using chemax is very slow hence the coffee releases less oils its not heavy on your palate and this coffee or method of brew can be served after a heavy meal. We tasted this coffee with apple wedges which tasted really unique and this brew cleansed my taste buds.

Second brew was medium body coffee. This coffee was brewed using a french press. This brew was paired with lemon curd/lemon tart, every sip of this coffee with lemon tart was creamy and rich. 

I'm a huge fan of mixing my coffee with lime rind or orange this paring was perfect for my taste buds and thoroughly enjoyed every sip.

The third brew was a strong coffee which is brewed using aeropress. This coffee was paired with salted caramel and nutty caramel tart. 

The caramel cuts the strong or sharp coffee and creates a rather rich and robust taste after every sip.

I was coffee high after my third cuppa...some how missed clicking filter coffee cups...the filter coffee was paired with dark chocolate. Rich filter coffee with  milk and sugar can never go wrong.

I'm a huge fan of coffee, not only did I get to taste the coffee but also understand the process behind creating a exquisite cuppa. This #Coffeepairing was truly fascinating and enjoyable session.

Before concluding my blog here is the origin of coffee in karnataka:
Baba Budan a sufi saint from the 16th century is said to have smuggled seven coffee beans, while on his way back from holy pilgrimage from port of Mocha, Yemen. The seven beans of coffee was planted on the foot hills of chikkamangaluru rest was history.

Thanks to Classic Coffee Team and PR Company for a exquisite Coffee tasting session.

For more info about Classic Coffee visit: http://classiccoffees.in/ or 

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