Food Tasting @Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Koramangala-Bengaluru

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is a rooftop retro themed gastro pub, named after a 1958 British musical. The restaurant is located on 80 ft. road in Koramangala. 

The gastro-pub servesup some delicious food one can look forward to; it’s a mix of American, Italian and Continental cuisine. A Few star dishes are Bang Bang Chicken, Stuffed Mushrooms, Panzerotti, Fish Sticks, Tempura Prawns, Shrimp Spaghetti Olio Aglio, Chicken Lasagna, Grilled Chicken Steak, Panacotta with Strawberry Couli & Sundae Brownie with Vanilla ice cream and much more. 

Ambiance is divided into 3 seating segments, plush green leather soafs for people who want to lounge, first level with ample private seating and the balcony seating overlooking the city. Stand up comedy to musical nights Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is a new place to windup for many Bengalureans where all are united under the banner booze 😎

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We started our food tasting session with a cocktail called "Hot City" gin and green apple with a hint of chilly.

Bang Bang: Rum and tender coconut cocktail...

Blue Lagoon and Lychee Based Mocktail...

Panzerotti spinach and ricotta stuffed in flaky fried pastry.

Bang Bang Chicken:  Crispy fried chicken in smoky tomato sauce.

Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms 

Kerela Beef Fry: Crispy morsels of beef tossed with pepper and coconut.

Tempura Prawns 

Bruschetta with Avocado and tomato based toppings...

Classic Margherita Pizza

Chicken Tikka Pizza

Beetroot Rissotto

Chicken Lasagna

Shrimp Spaghetti Olio Aglio

Hot Brownie with Vanilla Icecream

Blue Berry Cheese Cake.

Over all experience, the cocktails were good with decent food paring, great service + lovely ambiance 😉

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