Taste of PUGLIA @Bene, Sheraton Grand, Bengaluru

I was invited for ongoing South Italian Food festival at Bene, Sheraton-Grand which is located at Melleshwaram, Bengaluru. 

Our tasting session started with a choice of wine and fried bread (petolle) followed by fresh baked breads and olives from Italy, ending with a yummiest nutella tart. 

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Bread Basket: Foccasia and Ciabatta 

Meet Chef Giuseppe Lioce who has strong roots from Puglia-Italy. He explains Puglia cuisine is a combination of land and sea. Pastas I'm used to eating are always handmade freshest sea food and combination of slow cooked lamb was my staple diet at puglia. 

I was surprised to Bengalureans are huge fans of Italian cuisine and wanted to showcase authentic Italian food. Pastas are made with 3 ingredients rawa, water and olive oil when we make everything from scratch the taste truly differs we cannot compare it with bottled stuff. 

One can find women preparing hand made pastas in tiny lanes of Puglia we used to buy pasta by kilos and prepare our meal, Italian cuisine is never complex but we are very particular about the ingredients used. 

I wanted Bengalureans to experience and relish it all like the olives, limes and cheese are from Italy. Procuring fresh catch and cod fish was also a task the buttery cod is something everyone should try. 
 Stuffed Olives with capers, almonds or onions is a traditional italian starter/antipasti.

Petolle  is prepared with leftover bread bread dough or fermented dough which is spongy and chewy served with romano tomato sauce.

Caprese alla Barese
(Bocconcini mozzarella, fresh basil pesto and sundried tomato tossed with extra Virgin olive oil,fresh oregano,Modena balsamic vinegar)

 Bruschetta Pugliese
(Homemade Puglia Bread,topped with fresh cherry tomato,sundried tomato,shaved aged parmesan cheese,extra Virgin olive o il arugula leaves)

Panzerotti Pugliesi
(Mini folded pizza ,stuffed with burrata cheese,tomato and basil)

 Via botto
(Seafood soup [catch of the day] ,cooked in bisque and fish stock,served with grilled bread)
Orecchiette al Ragu, made using homemade orecchiette handmade pasta with slow cooked lamb ragout and pecorino cheese...

 Branzino in crosta di patate
(Branzino in crosta di patate, cherry tomato,asparagus and garden salad)

Zucchine al tonno 
(Zucchini stuffed with tuna,garlic and cappers,served with garden salad)
Biscotti di mandorla
(South Italian short bread tart,stuffed with homemade Nutella served with home-made vanilla ice cream) 

Taste of Puglia at Bene till 13th november 2016.

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